Rumour Buster: Ryan Payton Denies MGS4 Demo

In the latest edition of the Kojima Productions Report Ryan Payton and Mark McDonald clear up some internet rumours, long story short... there is no demo.

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rofldings3282d ago


Well they better give us a collector's edition for this!

HeartlesskizZ3282d ago

I need to reply you also...I agreed im also ;(

Iron Man 23282d ago


Let me explain,screw the MGS4 demo,wait to be FULLY blown away by the full version of MGS4 in April!;)

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heyheyhey3282d ago

actually i don't mind- because as the guy in the gameplay video said (black dude with cornrows)

"i don't want to get teased by MGS, i want to bring it home and make sweet love to it"

and i agree- i want to take the full game home and savor the outstanding experience

but then again- a demo would help sales and would generate even more interest for the game so im kinda disappointed

travelguy2k3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

would help sales.

We are all pretty much foaming at the mouth for this, anyone that is even remotly interested in this game is going to get it. I think a demo could really only hurt it, since no one is questioning if the game will be good or not, its really only........

............................. ..........HOW GREAT WILL THIS GAME BE???

DRUDOG3282d ago

I wish they'd get their fackin' story straight. Wasn't it just stated last week that a demo was coming? I thought the announcement was official and even referenced Payton's earlier denial. FACK! I like to try before I buy, ya know?

mighty_douche3282d ago

i dont think it was ever offically confirmed, i believe it came from a magazine editor.

But im the same, i like to try a demo before i drop the cash, but im buying MGS day 1 regardless, i just want the demo so i could just play a bit of it. i NEED to play abit of it!!

honestly, cancel everyother game in 2008 and just give me MGS and id still get by with a smile on my face.

MetalProxy3282d ago

It would have ruined the experience any ways. This game will own my life when the full game comes out anyways.

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The story is too old to be commented.