Epic happy to wait for 'massive leap' in next-gen console performance

Epic in talks with Sony & Microsoft over next-gen, but would "rather get a massive leap in performance and capabilities than get something today."

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Morrigan-Aensland1866d ago

I guess they aren't waiting for the Wii u.

Dark111866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Yep , they want a REAL next-gen console.

wow disagrees? , but it is true!

PopRocks3591866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Wii U is next gen, hence the disagrees.

EDIT: I'm sorry that people think specs are everything, but the Wii U is the next generation successor to the Wii. It's a next gen console.

And I emphasize that no one confirmed support (or lack thereof) of Unreal 4 on any game console.

Dark111866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

dude the Unreal Engine 4 doesn't even support the wii U !!

PopRocks3591866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

*Sigh* That's not confirmed. No one from Epic Games ever confirmed what consoles support/don't support Unreal 4.

EDIT: @StraightedgeSNES

Have you seen the tech demo for it?

StraightedgeSES1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

@Dark11 whats so good about unreal 4?

Edit @poprocks359

Yes but it doesn't look that impressive to me the samitarian demo was better

Sono4211866d ago

Ok I don't know why all of you are bringing up Unreal Engine 4, they don't mention it anywhere in the article, as a matter of fact the only engine they even somewhat mention is Unreal Engine 3, I think you guys are putting your expectations too high, epic themselves say in the article:

"Rein added that the firm's GDC 2011 Samaritan demo, which showed a cyberpunk peacekeeper battling thugs in a gritty city street, "was a demo to show what we think the consoles should... what we would like the next gen consoles to be able to do."

That Demo used UE3.. you guys brought up UE4 yourselves. It's also been confirmed that the Wii U can run the UE3 so... what was your argument again?

SilentNegotiator1866d ago

"@Dark11 whats so good about unreal 4?"

Besides the fact that Unreal is one of the most popular engines out there?

Army_of_Darkness1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

the wii u is indeed the successor to the wii, but that doesn't mean it's a next gen console if it can only do what current consoles are doing now...
it's gonna be the ps3 vs. 360 vs wii all over again lol! part#2

imagine a mario game with uncharted 3 graphics! that would have at least convinced me that nintendo is trying to get the hardcore audience back, but nope, just a wii game in HD:-(

pixelsword1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I can't say if the Wii U is a big or small leap in terms of power, but it's all what people do with it. Nintendo's pretty good at doing that, so we'll have to wait to see what they do.

I still remember people on many sites, including this one, plus veteran developers like Carmack and Newell saying (if I'm not mistaken) that the PS3 was weaker than the 360, even though the PS3 constantly had games with better overall graphics and effects than the 360, exclusive or not; and each of those developers made games that could not graphically beat the PS3's best exclusive games on either the PS3 or 360.

So we're at this impasse again with people talking about the Wii's power, and again no one's waiting for games to make their judgements on.

Just give them a chance, give them some time: because even if the PS3 and 360 are on the market three years from now, that's almost another gen that Nintendo may "catch up" in terms of graphics.

Kos-Mos1865d ago

Yes because next-gen is about graphics only.

IHateYouFanboys1865d ago

wow, cant believe people are disagreeing with PopRocks359.

the wii U is next gen, fact. "next gen" isnt a term relative to power or graphical capabilities - its simply used to describe what generation of video game consoles that a certain console came out in. the PS1/N64 was a generation. the next generation was PS2/Gamecube/Xbox/DC. the next gen was 360/PS3/wii. the next gen is, so far, *drum roll* the wii u!

power doesnt come into it, neither do graphics, online, multiplayer, controller, games, NOTHING! release date is ALL that next gen is.

blitz06231865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Not sure why some people disagree with the FACT that the Wii U IS NEXT GEN. It doesn't matter if it won' bet as powerful as an Xbox 8 or PS4. It can be as weak as a SNES but it still succeeded the Wii like how you will succeed your dad.

The Wii is CURRENT GEN together with the 360/PS3 and it's not even close to challenge the power of the other 2. The Wii U succeeds the Wii which succeeded the Gamecube, etc. It IS NEXT GEN.

Some may argue that the rumored PS3 superslim can be next gen. Common sense will tell you that it DOES NOT succeed the PS3, and hence it's not next gen.

The word succeed means many things, in this case, it means "To come after in time or order; follow." or "To come after and take the place of". That should already clear up the definition of succeed when talking about generational consoles.

DeadlyFire1865d ago

Epic actually stated that any HD platform capable of one Tflop from an Ipad to a computer would support Unreal Engine 4. If WiiU has a 1Tflop GPU then it will be supported for WiiU. Maybe not at 1080, but 720 or less more than likely.

I would happily wait as well. No need to push when you only get a console that can only do 720 with next-gen game engines.

As far as WiiU goes its the start of next-generation, but its the low end solution. PS4/XB3 as well as generation # what of AMD/NVIDIA GPUs are the High End solutions.

nukeitall1865d ago

Put simply, generation isn't determined by "technology leap", but rather the number of iteration@!

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SkullBlade1691866d ago

Wii-U = Next gen due to time of release I suppose, but it still just uses current generation level hardware so it is really just a glorified current gen console.

Nothing next gen about it aside from the release date.

samtheseed1866d ago

"but it still just uses current generation level hardware"

You obviously don't have any clue about the WiiU or what you're talking about. Current gen hardware as in, of the time, or, as in, 8 year old hardware. Hahaha, what the fuck are you on about.

1866d ago
PopRocks3591866d ago

"Built on the open, scalable Power Architecture base, IBM custom processors exploit the performance and power advantages of proven silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology."

On par with current generation consoles, my foot.

LNDCalling1866d ago

So on that basis if Sony release a new 'slim' model, that will be 'next Gen' will it?

SkullBlade1691866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Learn to read. "Current generation LEVEL hardware".

It doesn't use current gen hardware, but it uses weak/gimped hardware especially when compared to PC hardware that is already years old.

The hardware that is uses is comparable to current generation level hardware power wise, hence why the Wii-U is simply a glorified current gen console. It may be slightly more powerful, but it's hardly next gen.

That is what I am going on about.

I am yet to see anything this system can do that completely outshines the PS3/360. This console will look as bad as the actual current gen consoles by the time the next batch come out.

I also wasn't strictly referring to the current gen consoles. Computing hardware doesn't wait for consoles, the current consoles are actually around 7 generations old now hardware wise.

StraightedgeSES1866d ago

"Now why is it not next generation console now. Because you don't think their graphical leap is good enough to be called next generation I'm guessing."

"So let's just negate the new controller input, lets forget about them advancing their online offerings, doesn't matter that they have 1080p/720p now, a high capacity disk doesn't matter either."

"Oh because they aren't pushing enough polygons for your taste they aren't next generation correct. Let's just forget about the games and input right?" - JBSleek

greenpowerz1866d ago

Agreed.. aside from the tablet controller.

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Jadedz1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

You deserved it (kidding :P).

As the Wii proved: the majority of consumers wanted to experience compelling software (though some uniqueness to a console's hardware, can also be a good thing). The Wii U may not be as powerful spec-wise as it should be, but it's a really balanced console, and developers have stated that it's fairly easy to develop for.

Maybe Epic can wait, but I'm purchasing a Wii U this holiday season.

Epic said that they'll make their Unreal engine 4, scalable (from smart phones to consoles, google "scalable Unreal Engine 4").

Morrigan-Aensland1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

If people consider the Wii u to be next gen because it'll be out this year then ill consider myself as having a next gen console because I bought a new ps2 .

In not considering anything next gen because its being released at a certain period of time but doesn't improve upon what is available. Wii u is a next generation Nintendo device not a next generation console in general.

The Wii u is said to be very easy to develop for but it has a few old games ported to it that looks worst of the lot of hd consoles. That means that developers had to do all kinds of tricks to make the Wii u version of ported games look close to 6 year old systems.

Wii u isn't next gen and that's ok. Fanboys should stop lying to themselves and support another console that they actually like for what it can do . People should accept the Wii u for what it is and its games if they want to and not fantasize about what it should be while saying " power doesn't matter". Power doesn't matter to NES fanboys but they are offended by people making observations about how the launch games look worse than current hd games. It's really telling that they actually want a lot of power but are too silly enough to go elsewhere .

ChickeyCantor1866d ago

"The Wii u is said to be very easy to develop for but it has a few old games ported to it that looks worst of the lot of hd consoles. That means that developers had to do all kinds of tricks to make the Wii u version of ported games look close to 6 year old systems. "

So games that are ports with hardly any improvements, which look the SAME, not worse, are THÉ games to judge the Wii u?
Not to mention they worked with development kits. They had to work with incomplete SDKs.

You yourself havn't pointed out what next gen is. And I don't think you are capable of doing so.

yabhero1866d ago

The level of stupidity in this troll comments is amazing... DOES ANYONE HAVE THE FREAKING SPECS?
That is all.

3GenGames1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

There is an automatic disability though, streaming sound and unneeded garbage to the controller. I mean, it's probably all inside it's own smaller 8-16MB area in RAM to be serially DMA'd to the screen, but that is STILL another (850*480) 408,000 pixels the 360 and PS3, and even next gen consoles don't HAVE to output. And that's just the screen, add another 128kb to that per second. (128kb to bytes is 131072 bytes, divided by 60(60.1 if you want to get closer) is just over 2KB a frame) I mean it's not a TON considering they probably will have their own RAM and be changed during loading and not normal gameplay, but it's still something more that has to be done, even if it is by serial on a separate coprocessor.

Siren301865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

yabhero: I was thinking the same thing. I was trying to figure out if Nintendo has released the specs yet or if everyone is just going off the rumors. I've heard high spec rumors and low spec rumors. I guess everyone has chosen to go with the low spec rumors

DeadlyFire1865d ago

They will only go with what they think they know.

I personally believe WiiU has a 1+ Tflop GPU along the 6900M series. More than enough for 1080 on all current gen tech and 720 on new game engines. That's just me though.

metroid321866d ago

WiiU has the most powerful Engine on the markey and thats CryEngine 3 it wont be all about UE this next gen trust me and CE3 can do more than UE4 crytek said it a month bk and going off the UE4 tech demo i believe them as i dont think the UE4 demo was anything great to be honest ??

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1865d ago

no they are waiting for the console makers. The console makers are waiting for new hardware to be cheaper and old then use them in next gen console . PC will be much more ahead next gen.

DeadlyFire1865d ago

As always. Unless they plan to pack dual or quad CPU slots + GPUs into a console then it will always be a step behind PC gaming. Naturally they don't do this because of heating issues, but if they found a way to do this then it would last a little while above PC level graphics. :P

Rockoman161865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Did you really had to make that anal comment?, ugh, you make me fart U__U

CryWolf1865d ago

If Epic wants a leap in Next-Gen console performance/graphics then MS/Sony needs to get a Nvidia Kepler graphics card then and stop fucking with AMD APU technology, just get a Nvidia Geforce GTX 680M 2GB of GDDR5 ram.