Potrayal of Women in Video Games: Will There be a Change

Women have always tended to be unrecognized, unappreciated, and unaccepted in all types of media, with an exception, I would say, in movies and television. The world of video games is no exception to the truth. Women have been marginalized in all types of media, and I have especially seen this in the world of video games.

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Kurt Russell2143d ago

I hope not, I really don't fancy fat lager lout slags in my games as well as my town.

Xof2143d ago

It's not an issue of being fat or ugly... in many cases it's not an issue of appearence, at all, it's an issue of personality and depiction.

E.g. most women are represented in games as sexual objects. Instances where female characters are portrayed as, well, characters are pretty goddamned rare. For every one Uncharted, there are sixty-thousand Devil May Crys.

GuyThatPlaysGames2143d ago

No. Because women are objects in reality so in games they will remain the same.

sjaakiejj2143d ago

Hey look, another White Knight in Shining Armor, here to protect and rescue women from the evils from the games industry!

"Crystal Dynamics has said that sexual violence is not a theme covered in the game. However, whether the scene is or is not a rape scene, there is slight sexual undertones to it, and to an extent, viewers can see this as an attempted sexual assault. On top of all this, whenever Laura Croft gets hurt in the game, her pains sound more like sexual moans than anything else. It’s just another way to sexualize and marginalize women in video games."


Run_bare2143d ago

"Women have always tended to be unrecognized, unappreciated, and unaccepted in all types of media"

He must be joking, the women in gaming are very recognisable cause most of gamers are still males. When there are more women as gamers, then the men will take more of centre place.

There is nothing wrong with sexuality, it's normal as we all human as long as it's mutual consent and not harming anyone.

goldwyncq2143d ago

We have enough articles like this, we don't really need another one.

OmniSlashPT2143d ago

All men characters in SF and fighting games are muscular and freaking beasts showing all their abs, but that's ok. Oh, but it has a female with boobs and showing a little skin? how disgusting!


Tameel12143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

The difference is that the muscle bound hulks are rarely created to appeal to women. They are created to appeal to male gamers. They're represented as the "ideal male", not the ideal sexual fantasy for a woman. Let's face it, characters like Marcus Fenix or Kratos aren't exactly the gaming equivalent of Brad Pitt or George Clooney or (forgive the example) Edward Cullen. The sexiest examples of male characters I can think of in mainstream games are either Solid Snake or Leon Kennedy and neither or them are particularly sexualized. At least not to the extent that many female game characters are.

Male characters aren't just power fantasies, though. Video games in general have the "movie problem": almost all background and side characters are male, with a variety of ages and body types, with one generic sexy woman character and maybe another woman as the sexy scientist, if you're lucky.

Those female characters, however, generally do not represent the power fantasies of other women, but the sexual fantasies of men. They have big jiggling boobs because it's sexy, not because it's realistic or because it represents a strength. They're scantily clad because it's sexy, not because it provides any particular advantage to their bodies or their movement. When they show up in posters or concept art, they are rarely posing in "powerful" or "strong" positions; instead, they are showing off their assets to the male audience. Nothing throws me out of a game more than seeing a game where the men are muscular, armored and ready for battle while the women are skinny rakes with large exposed breasts who look like they belong in a strip joint instead of the battle field.

Not that I have a problem with either depiction of men or women. But I wish it was more equal on both ends. If a female character is scantily clad, why not give the player the option to make a male character just as scantily clad? If a female character has jiggling boobs, why not give a male character a bulge or something equally sexualized? If a male character is a big hulking beast, why not create an equally hulking muscular woman? If it makes sense in context of the game, then it should certainly be equal.

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