8 of the best PlayStation games for relaxation

Had a rough day? Need to cool off and relax? Why not book a day at the PS Spa and indulge in some chilled out gaming. Whether you prefer an artistic wandering through the wilderness or a slice of simple escapism, we have the cure.

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310dodo2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

nhl 2k8 (masterpiece)

saints row2


Skyrim :D (masterpiece)

GTA 4 (masterpiece)

IMO of course

WeskerChildReborned2228d ago

Some of those games are fun but i wouldn't really say they are relaxing.

Hicken2228d ago ShowReplies(1)
guitarded772228d ago

Flower is the best relaxing game IMO. I'd add Afrika to the list... while it's not a huge title, it really lets the player slow things down and relax.

WildArmed2228d ago

I agree on flOwer.
That and flOw always get me really relaxed.
Heck, even just hearing the OST for flOw chills me out.

Pokemon Snap wasn't too bad for relaxing either ;)

Rezka2228d ago

Why am I seeing multiplat games..........

bahabeast2228d ago

flower, red dead, tiger woods, journey. these games make you feel like your in a different world i love um

Bobby Kotex2228d ago

Red Dead Redemption isn't relaxing. What is this guy smoking?

kneon2228d ago

Sure it is, you ride off across the desert enjoying the scenery, watching the deer and the antelope play.... and then a cougar takes down your horse and you as well :)

Hicken2228d ago

At first, I was skeptical or Red Dead. But then I thought about just riding along aimlessly, and how awesome it was to just wander. Unlike in GTA, which always felt too busy to unwind by wandering, Red Dead seemed perfect for just that.

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