Kotaku:You Can Drive A Cab, Shoot A Deer, Dance On Stage, And Hit A Ball In Yakuza 5

In the Yakuza series, the protagonists do many things: Lead mobs, beat each other up, meet porn stars in clubs… Now, in Yakuza 5, it looks like we'll be offered another perspective on the multiple protagonists where they'll partake in other activities while they don't pursue suspects, solve mysteries, or uncover conspiracies.

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waltyftm1652d ago

Great stuff, love the Yakuza series.

soljah1652d ago

and unfortunately no body in the west buys the yakaza games(one of the best franchises this gen) and who knows if it will even get ported for north America and Europe

SoundGamer1652d ago

They released Yakuza 3, 4, and Dead Souls in North America as well this generation.

I loved them. I'm hoping they'll do the same for 5. Love this series.

SnakeCQC1652d ago

loved yakuza one but with all the others they got lazy and dropped the english voice acting

wishingW3L1652d ago

The first Yakuza had English voice overs?

MacDonagh1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

The first Yakuza had some great voice acting and it even features Mark Hamill voicing Goro Majima, as well as Michael Madsen voicing Futshi Shimano. I understand why they had to drop the English dubs because people in the West aren't interested in Japanese gang wars and cultures that bewilder them.

SnakeCQC1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

yh i have no idea why i am getting so many disagrees i still have the ps2 version of yakuza one and it clearly states english voice acting wikipedia even confirms it

Dark_Overlord1652d ago

Some of us like the original Jap voice overs (suits the characters better), personally I'll take subs over dubs any day :)

asyouburn1652d ago

Realistically, why would Japanese people in Japan be speaking English? Subs > dubs

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STARS1652d ago

Yakuza games are all about variety and wacky fun, I expect Yakuza 5 to be no different.

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