Are Video Games Making People Depressed?

Recently, a study was conducted that assessed the mental health of teenagers in Singapore, along with their gaming habits. The study found that ‘heavy gamers’ were more likely to suffer from ‘depression, anxiety, social phobias and lower school performance’.... (click to read all)

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CustardTrout2139d ago

Isn't that simply because they don't go outside?
If you have little to no social interaction with REAL people then your mind will begin to decay, it's not gaming, it's that people tend to have conversations like this "F**K YOU TURTLE."

Psychonaughty2138d ago

More like a lack of life or is that lack of a life.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Video games can make people extremely happy and also depress,when microsoft made the kinect for us human beings it failed to make millions happy and now with games like kinect star wars and steel batalion upon many souls it as become worst.

Thank god that he as allowed the PS3 to be so powerful and entertaining with delivering righteous games that will make people happy, I also believe that PS3 gamers are the most healthy people on the planet due to the games making us happy all the time.

LX-General-Kaos2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )


Its about time you finally showed your face here.

This will be very entertaining.

Rated E For Everyone

kreate2138d ago

Exactly my thought. Life makes ppl depressed. Games make ppl happy.

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Pozzle2139d ago

Or is it because people with depression tend to gravitate towards things that make them happy (like gaming or watching TV)?

cpayne932138d ago

Often times real world problems can make you want to hide yourself in a fantasy world, and video games can do that. I don't think video games cause it, it's just a means for an escape, just like becoming a drunk could be in a way. It's usually better not to run away though, sometimes we have to face life head on, our problems usually won't go away just by ignoring them.

Dlacy13g2138d ago

Short answer to the question raised:NO that would be the economy.

user54670072138d ago

I have depression and I feel like video games are the only thing keeping me going...I sad as it sounds it's true.

If video games didn't exsist...well I don't think I would be here anymore.

Hayabusa 1172138d ago

I think quite a few gamers have a simular story. I don't think I'd ever have over come my social fears without meeting fellow gamers online.

Doesn't mean all gamers have issues, games make people happy, and that attracts different people for different reasons.

StayStatic2138d ago

Believe me it's not video games

- A video game will never stab you in the back
- A video game will never steal your shit
- A video game will never make you redundant
- A video game will never cause an economic crysis
- A video game will never use you to get what it wants
- A video game will never have more than one face

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