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Submitted by therealmccoy 1312d ago | article

Are Video Games Making People Depressed?

Recently, a study was conducted that assessed the mental health of teenagers in Singapore, along with their gaming habits. The study found that ‘heavy gamers’ were more likely to suffer from ‘depression, anxiety, social phobias and lower school performance’.... (click to read all) (Casual games, Culture, Industry)

CustardTrout  +   1312d ago
Isn't that simply because they don't go outside?
If you have little to no social interaction with REAL people then your mind will begin to decay, it's not gaming, it's that people tend to have conversations like this "F**K YOU TURTLE."
Agent Smith  +   1312d ago
Are Video Games Making People Depressed?
No, life is.
Psychonaughty  +   1312d ago
More like a lack of life or is that lack of a life.
Psycho_PS3Truthh  +   1312d ago
Video games can make people extremely happy and also depress,when microsoft made the kinect for us human beings it failed to make millions happy and now with games like kinect star wars and steel batalion upon many souls it as become worst.

Thank god that he as allowed the PS3 to be so powerful and entertaining with delivering righteous games that will make people happy, I also believe that PS3 gamers are the most healthy people on the planet due to the games making us happy all the time.
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1312d ago

Its about time you finally showed your face here.

This will be very entertaining.

Rated E For Everyone
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kreate  +   1311d ago
Exactly my thought. Life makes ppl depressed. Games make ppl happy.
Pozzle  +   1312d ago
Or is it because people with depression tend to gravitate towards things that make them happy (like gaming or watching TV)?
cpayne93  +   1312d ago
Often times real world problems can make you want to hide yourself in a fantasy world, and video games can do that. I don't think video games cause it, it's just a means for an escape, just like becoming a drunk could be in a way. It's usually better not to run away though, sometimes we have to face life head on, our problems usually won't go away just by ignoring them.
Dlacy13g  +   1312d ago
Short answer to the question raised:NO that would be the economy.
user5467007  +   1312d ago
I have depression and I feel like video games are the only thing keeping me going...I sad as it sounds it's true.

If video games didn't exsist...well I don't think I would be here anymore.
Hayabusa 117  +   1312d ago
I think quite a few gamers have a simular story. I don't think I'd ever have over come my social fears without meeting fellow gamers online.

Doesn't mean all gamers have issues, games make people happy, and that attracts different people for different reasons.
StayStatic  +   1312d ago
Are Video Games Making People Depressed?
Believe me it's not video games

- A video game will never stab you in the back
- A video game will never steal your shit
- A video game will never make you redundant
- A video game will never cause an economic crysis
- A video game will never use you to get what it wants
- A video game will never have more than one face
AusRogo  +   1312d ago
Gaming does the complete opposite. Gaming is up there with the list of things/people that make me happy. Unless of course, I bought a shit game then I'm unhappy lol

@Mike cosgrove, that's not sad at all. Playing games kept me from being depressed 24/7 back in school.
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Psychonaughty  +   1312d ago
I think the problems occur when videogames become a lifestyle instead of their rightful place as just a hobby, I for one have erred on the side of over indulging and I regret it deeply, thankfully I'm still young(ish) and I have a chance to turn it all around.
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QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1312d ago
Let's go ahead and teach the media the difference between correlation and causality.
Correlation: heavy gaming and depression tend to go together.
Causality: heavy gaming causes depression.
The problem with the correlation is, no clear cause/effect relationship can be established. Are they depressed because they play video games, or do they play video games because they're depressed?
It's basic science.
Psychonaughty  +   1312d ago
"Are they depressed because they play video games, or do they play video games because they're depressed?"

I believe both are true.
Hicken  +   1311d ago
I have NEVER met or even heard of anyone who was depressed BECAUSE of video games. And as a sufferer of chronic depression and a lover of video games, that's not the sort of thing that would just slip past me.

On the other hand, myself and MANY others have admitted that video games have attracted us BECAUSE we were/are depressed. They provide an escape from the crap that gets us down. It's not necessarily healthy if that's the only way they cope, but it's better than NOT coping at all.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1311d ago
I'm sure there is a correlation between depression and an addictive personality. There have been studies that show those who post on forums a lot and other social online services have a higher degree of depression. Personally i think this is their way of getting attention and also to be somebody else.

Addiction can lead to severe depression and gaming addiction is no different. I have read stories of people playing MMO games for hours on end. There are now laws in place in certian countries forbidding people from playing too long at internet cafe's.

It's very easy to lose track of time so it's a contant battle between being on the internet, gaming and so on. What's slowly eroding is social conduct in the real world. Far too many only socialize online and don't have that personal connection. Put them out in public and all of the sudden they feel out of place and don't know how to conduct themselves maturely. Online they often act arrogant and ignorant because that's their comfort zone.
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QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1311d ago
Nice. It's not often I get such well thought out responses to my comments. You bring up some good points.
It's also important to note that the addictive personality might be what's causing the gaming addiction. If they weren't playing Saints Row or WoW, they'd be likely smoking something they shouldn't be. For all we know they might still pause the game to indulge in some other addiction.
Addiction, of any kind, and depression are both ugly. More importantly, they're both treatable. It is harder to seek and accept treatment, but in the long run, it's preferable to suffering in silence.
Lord_Sloth  +   1312d ago
Nope. I'm depressed because life's a bitch. People are stupid, 2 faced liars, the economy's in the toilet, and there's absolutely no reason to continue anything.

My depression originates with "enjoying life" and getting out and "living a little". Games aren't the cause. People are.
Hayabusa 117  +   1312d ago
Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's your perception of life that's making you depressed, not life itself. Did the cavemen have a global economy? Nope. Yet they lived and survived. Don't rely on people (why should you look to them to sort your issues out when they can't even sort their own?) or the government. Make the most of whatever you have.

People who blame their depression on "life" sound just as bad as journalists blaming video games. You might not be enjoying it, yet there are people in the world with far less then you having an amzing time. How come? Our own narrow minded view of reality, and douche bags trying to tell us we're "wrong" when they don't know any better. Get out there and live, try new things, then tell me how you feel.

/philosophical rant over
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Lord_Sloth  +   1311d ago
I have done so and let me tell ya, "getting out there and living" caused so much stress and grief and drama and I have no need nor desire for it.

And I don't rely on people. That's why my stress has went down considerably these last few months.
Hicken  +   1311d ago
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you've never experienced depression. Not gonna call you any names, though your characterization of a depressed person certainly makes me want to.

You just... shouldn't talk about things you don't understand. That'll be good for everybody.
thebudgetgamer  +   1312d ago
Life makes me depressed, video games help me forget for a while.
RXL  +   1312d ago
i think it's living in Singapore that's making them depressed...

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