GameGrin: What is A PEGI Rating? Why Should You Care?

GameGrin Writes - "PEGI simply stands for Pan European Game Information ( Why have we written this article? Well from 30th July, PEGI will take over all official classification duties from the BBFC in the United Kingdom in regards to games, and will be fully enforceable by law for any retailer caught selling PEGI rated games to those under the specified age. "

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

It's a Rating System that compares the likeability of Everything on Earth to the fictional character Peggy Olson (played by Elisabeth Moss) from MADMEN. Peggy is obviously the most likable thing in the Universe.

Or it is that ratings system, that later-Outraged Parents who bought little Johnny "Lollipops and Chainsaws", ignored? Then they complained to the Government, who only seems to care about it during election years (strange)? The Government then says it corrupted little Johnny and then calls for a Ban and then a Ratings System-

-Not caring that there is already one, but just to get the gullible-and-also-illiterate-p arent vote.