UGO: Condemned 2 multiplayer hands-on

UGO's Locke Webster writes:

"Condemned was the first horror experience I had on the 360 and while I'd like to say that I was able to play through it, alone and in the dark, I must admit that after 5 minutes I promptly called in my roommate and turned on the lights. Something about scouring for weapons while crazy homeless people popped out of nowhere, intent on bashing my face in had me creeped out! What can I say? I'm a modern man, with modern man fears. When it was announced that Condemned 2: Bloodshot would have a multiplayer component I took heart knowing that finally, finally I would be able to enact the babbling homeless man I feared so long ago."

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ninja_united3832d ago

omg i cant believe that the mp will only be for 8 players, i guess its because of 360.