Top Ten: Awesome Videogame TANKS points their weekly top ten series at 10 of the most iconic tanks in videogame history.

Dealspwn writes: "Tanks are awesome. We've been drooling all over tracked war machines this week, thanks mainly to a soujurn down to Tankfest 2012 and an interview with World Of Tanks CEO Victor Kislyi. We've done tank PWNcasts. Tank daily bites. Tank updates. So what better way to finish our love affair with rolling treads and massive guns than a hostile takeover of our weekly Top Ten list?

So, here it is: our top ten favourite tanks taken from throughout videogame history. Whether they have the biggest guns, the thickest armour or the fondest memories, these epic gargantuan killing machines have earned a place in our hearts.

For fairness' sake, Mechs (and Wanzers) have been disqualified from the list. Besides, they have a Top Ten of their very own..."

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