Ada Wong to appear in Resident Evil: Damnation?

In a brief conversation with the voice actors involved in Resident Evil Damnation, exclusive information about the film's plot was revealed to REVIL.

The actors reportedly revealed that the film's plot would be 'simple' and focused on Leon S. Kennedy.

The agent is on vacation but ends up being called to intervene in a mission in Europe. According to the actors, two female characters, with strong personalities, are present in the movie too -- one is Ada Wong and the other is a character from the Resident Evil novel series.

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wicko2019d ago

Not really a rumour, it was in the trailer.

VanillaBear2019d ago

"the other is a character from the Resident Evil novel series"


For god sake Capcom use characters we havernt heard from in ages. Rebbeca Chambers would of been a great start.

One thing I don't understand though...

Paul Mercier who voiced Leon in RE4 and the previous film is returning in Damnation but he dosen't voice Leon in RE6....I don't get it.

Pozzle2019d ago

It's not only bizarre, but disappointing too. Paul Mercier's a great Leon, and there's really no need to change him. I know the RE characters have had a lot of different voice actors over the years, but I thought Capcom were finally settling down and keeping the VAs they had post-RE4. :(

VanillaBear2019d ago

They've kept Chris's voice actor so I don't see why they didn't keep Leons....I mean it is SUPPOSE to be his game this time since Chris was used in RE5 and Revelations. It's not that bad since the new guy kind of sounds like Leon but theres moments during some cutscenes in RE6 where you know it's not the same Leon. it sort of gives him a different personality...if you get what I mean.

Least they kept Adas voice actor

I still would like to know why they've done this...surley if they were going to use him for the film they would of asked him to do lines for RE6 if he's traveled out for work and already in a sound booth.

Even little decisions Capcom do with RE p*ss me off. It's like they don't care about the franchise anymore.

aDDicteD2019d ago

surely ada's on it and i hope that this will be a good one