Latest Need For Speed To Be "Most Wanted"

TecStories writes: I bet you're thinking, "But haven't they already made Most Wanted?!". Yes, yes they have and due to the popularity of the first Most Wanted, lets be honest it was damn awesome, EA announced altat E3 that there will now be NFS:Most Wanted (2012)

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TurboGamer2267d ago

Dude, have you been sleeping under a rock?

SnakeCQC2266d ago

they should do another undergound

mcstorm2266d ago

Should be interesting to see how the New Forza dose compared to the new NFS game.

BlmThug2266d ago

Very late, very, very late, Disappointing in N4G approving this

GuyThatPlaysGames2266d ago

Haven't you heard? N4G approves all articles lol

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