FIFA 13 Includes 'Streets' Mode

NowGamer: According to the ESRB, FIFA 13 could have a street football mode included in the game.


The 'street mode' in question is actually a mode in 3DS FIFA and will not feature in the home console version of FIFA 13

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Beate2168d ago

Would be nice to see this added to fifa 13 in order to spice things up. The Fifa Street fiasco just showed that EA was not behind their product seeing as how it flopped so horribly. Seeing this just included in the fifa 13 package could be a nice change to the usual EA ways.

skyward2168d ago

Think we'll see more FIFA Street releases in future - reckon this'll be a taster. The games are too different.

fastrez2168d ago

Good news, hopefully it's not paid DLC ;)

Kopite_20202167d ago

It has DLC written all over it! Just like UT

DasTier2167d ago

I hate Ultimate Team, even in Madden, It blows so much.

GanjaMan2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Ultimate team is free mate just like its ever been (except for fifa 09) wat fifas have u been playing?

Feckles2168d ago

This sounds good but it would be better if it had a 'jumpers as goalposts' mode.

sriki0072168d ago

yahoo!!!! 2 games in 1:-)

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The story is too old to be commented.