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TSA: "Konami has confirmed, via an official press release, the news that MGS 4 will be getting Trophies. There will, apparently, be 34 of them."

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LightSamus2228d ago

After all this waiting, there's not even a full 50? That's a bit disappointing :/

mushroomwig2228d ago

Full 50? There have never been a set amount of trophies for every game, it usually varies.

I guess you just can't please everyone though.

LightSamus2228d ago

Well, no, but for a game that has been out for 4 years, they've had plenty of time to come up with the list. More trophies only means more people playing their game and that can't be a bad thing.

b163o12228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

They could have 4trophies, and I'll still go back to play it for the forth time....

Blacktric2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Demon's Souls has 38 trophies, yet that never put me off from playing the game or getting the platinum trophy. As long as they are cleverly thought and challenging to some degree, which I think they will be, then it should be absolutely fine by me for it to have 34 trophies.

Baka-akaB2227d ago

rofl so now a few still wanna complain despite finally getting something we all wanted and were denied so far ?

gta28002227d ago

Some of you might hate on me for this...but I never beat this game. Bought it day one and never even played 25% of the game. I said I was gonna just wait till a trophy patch to play the game but it never came so I forgot about it and never bothered to play it. Long wait but still Good news for me! lol.

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Dark_Overlord2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

It'll still be 'worth' the same as any other retail game trophy wise, they probably put more gold and silver trophies than bronze :)

PCGamingNoobs2228d ago

the other 16 trophies where for MGO but.... well we know what happened there!

torchic2227d ago

dude you're crazy. I think there's medicine for that.

No FanS Land2227d ago

most of the time, it's 50 when it's a multi platform game. That's because of MS' requirement of putting 1000G per game, many Ps3 exclusive games don't have 50 trophies.

slaton242227d ago

uncharted 1,2,3...bleach,4d dot game heroes,infamous 2,killzone 2, little big planet,heavy rain, infamous are some of the ps3 exclusives that have 50 or more trophies...i own these dont believe me go to it will show you the trophy list for every game

NeoSprtacus2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

You know there is a set amount of points per game? 34 trophies just means that it will have more gold/silver than bronze.
I see no problem with this.

Besides, it still has a platinum =3

Edit for info:
Bronze: 15
Silver: 30
Gold: 90
Platinum: 180

Dark_Overlord2227d ago

While true most of the time, the platinum sometimes varies in 'worth'.


Say a game has 750 points? of trophy worth, the platinum value then increases to 250. Its kind of hard to explain, but I think this sums it up nicely :)


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SpecialK2228d ago

Don't get the disagrees youve got there tbh.

Im a massive fan of the MG series but after playing through MGS4 3 times and trading it in years ago, for me this is waaay too late.

The fanbase asked for this for months after release to no avail. Only reason i can see them doing this is to re kindle interest in the series for the next game, not as some kind gesture to the fans because if it were that it would have happened a loooong time ago,

Zefros2228d ago

As a MG fan you should be ashamed on your self for trading in mgs4! I have mine from launch xD

TheGreatIndonesia2228d ago

you lying... no massive fans ever trade their favorite games

Spydiggity2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

MGS4 is the only one i liked..i'm not a MGS fan. but i held on to my copy.

having said that, you can't hold it against a fan because he traded in the game after 3 play-thrus. you don't know his financial situation or any other situation for that matter.

bloodybutcher2228d ago

well,disagrees mean that some people probably disagree,eh?:P for cpt.tuttle it's 2 little 2 late,for others it's not.

djee2228d ago

yea, i know what you mean. im a massive guns n roses fan to, but after listening to a cd 2 or 3 times i usually trade in my cd's aswell

Baka-akaB2227d ago

"Don't get the disagrees youve got there tbh."

I do get them , there is no such thing as too little too late to support any game , let alone a classic .

It's even a good excuse to get the dust of the game

SpecialK2227d ago

When games cost upwards of £40 this gen considering I played the game multiple times it ended up being left for a while so I thought I'd trade it in so I could play more games. Why keep a game your not using anymore? Im not really the type to hoard things for the sake of having full collections, each to their own.

Spydiggity has it right. And I said i was a fan of the series. Now MGS3 is a game I could NEVER trade in, one of the best games I've ever played and I'll go back to it as long as my ps2 is still kicking. Best game of the series imo =)

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Skateboard2228d ago

He could have said a good thing and he would still have the same disagree's.

Drekken2227d ago

Too little, too late for what? The game sold over 5 million. What is it late for? People to replay it and get trophies? I doubt it.

2pacalypsenow2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

If you traded it in because of no trophies your not a MGS Fan I still have my 1998 copy of MGS and that will never get trophies , im glad ill be able to beat it for the 9th time and get trophies too, time to start on MG1 again

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AusRogo2228d ago

Not to sound ungrateful but I was hoping atleast 50.. oh well, enough of being an ungrateful fuck, mgs4 trophies! :D

bahabeast2228d ago

still now i have a reason to play it over for a third time.

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Sigh2228d ago

free DLC as well!!!!

raiden-492228d ago

For what an online service thats is now offline?

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