'Tomb Raider' timed exclusive DLC will be set after the story

Brand director Karl Stewart said the content, which was announced as a timed exclusive to Xbox 360 at E3, will not feel like content missing from the main game.

"We had the opportunity to sort of say we're doing something unique [at Microsoft's press conference] and something more," Stewart said.

"As I said, it's a timed piece of content. It's still early in the process for us, we haven't fleshed out the full stories and what we're going to do.

"What we're saying is you will be able to play the game from start to finish, and the DLC will not feel like it's a chunk of the game taken out. It will be unique to what's happening after the story."

Stewart continued: "I think it's important to show people that we're actively looking at how to expand. In this day and age people have an expectation and an expectation of playing DLC is one, so for us there's tons of mystery on the island, which - even in a ten-plus hour game - it's going to be hard to answer everything.

"So it'...

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sinncross2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

I dont know how I feel about this...

Army_of_Darkness2197d ago

Kinda like a slap in the face for sony fans.

Tapewurm2197d ago

I agree totally....I have played every Tomb Raider game on Playstation and like I mentioned in the comments below..... Tomb Raider and the PS3 controller belong together.....the desparately deep pockets of Microsoft strike again. :)

Darth Stewie2197d ago

Actually its just Microsoft trying to make the consumer associate game franchises to their brand that used to be associated with the playstation in the past. Microsoft did this with several franchises this gen that were associated with the playstation in the past examples would be RE,FF,and GTA. Microsoft either had DLC first for these franchises or exclusive advertisement rights.
This is a slap to Sony fans but a smart move for micro$oft.

Yi-Long2197d ago

... I don't see timed-exclusive DLC as a smart move for ANYONE.

Not for Microsoft. Not for Square. And not for the consumers.

In fact, I think it's a waste of money, which could be much better used to ensure new original 1st party games being developed for their system.

Personally, I have both consoles. Timed-exclusive DLC doesn't affect me. However, it affects the publisher, cause I don't support DLC, I certainly don't support exclusive DLC, and these announcements just make me scratch the game from my Day 1 list, and I'll wait for a 'complete' release somewhere down the road.

IF they truly want to benefit from timed-exclusive DLC, they shouldn't just invest in getting it timed-exclusive to their own customers, but they should get it FREE for their customers. THAT would convince me to buy the game on Day 1, for full price, and for a specific console!

VanillaBear2197d ago

So true

I'm getting this for the PS3 regardless of exclusive DLC for the 360, because I assoicate Tomb Raider to Sony. I couldn't play TR game with a differen't controler.

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tigertron2197d ago

Timed exclusive DLC? *yawn*

AgreeFairy2197d ago

Yet another great reason to skip this mediocre reboot.

Fishy Fingers2197d ago

Which bit did you find mediocre? My imaginary playthrough was very enjoyable.

aPerson2197d ago

I disagree about the game looking mediocre; I think it looks great, but yeah, I'll be passing on this if they cut out content from the disc. I'll wait for a "complete" edition later on.

BrutallyBlunt2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

People on this site must not be very old since Sony delved into timed exclusive deals with the Playstation 2. Nobody heard of Grand Theft Auto?

It's amazing the attitude shift we see mainly from Sony fans who have this urge to frown upon Microsoft at every turn because the XBOX360 has managed to compete much better than the original XBOX against the Playstation console.

DLC is the new tool to use because full game exclusivity doesn't make as much sense anymore. Not with the prices to make games costing much more than last generation. Besides, the XBOX Live service has been very profitable for Microsoft so it's smart on their behalf to entice gamers with timed exclusive DLC to get XBOX owners to keep subscribing.

This new Tomb Raider is also one of the hottest games coming too and Sony will use the upcoming Bioshock (another big title that happened to start on the XBOX360 and not the PS3, so it doesn't matter the Tomb Raider franchise started off with Sony) to entice gamers. Whether it's also DLC or the cross-platform play with Vita. It's all marketing and people need to just deal with it and stop this attitude because this has been going on for decades with 3rd party franchises. Full exclusivity, timed exclusivity, DLC, it's all the same idea.

If you don't like the concept of this that's fine but don't disagree with me when you know what i say is true.

Infernostew2197d ago

So you're comparing timed exclusive DLC for a game that's coming out for both consoles at the same time to a game that was released for a console at one time and later ported to the other? Really fishing there buddy.

Well, at least the DLC for Tomb Raider is only timed this time, instead of with Tomb Raider Underworld where MS paid for permanent exclusive DLC and screwed over fans on ps3 and pc.

KMCROC542197d ago

Well said , spoken like a true consumer who understands the industry.Not like half the fanatics here.

BrutallyBlunt2196d ago

How is getting Final Fantasy on the Playstation and screwing Nintendo fans any different? How is getting the Joker for Batman on the PS3 and not on the XBOX360 any different? They are all tools to change consumer persuasion.

We live in a market of competitiveness and now it seems most of the people who are upset are those who support Sony the most. The reason is smple, no longer does Sony command indfluence within the industry. Microsoft has slowly eroded the imbalance among 3rd party support. They have created parity by making side deals. They paid Rockstar for times DLC and guess how many copies of GTA IV were sold on the XBOX360? Now compare that to last generation where Sony got all the infleunce and made deals for timed exclusivity and how many copies of GTA San Andreas and so on sold compared to the original XBOX

Don't like it then buy multiple systems. We have always seen this. Nintendo fans back in the day with the SNES got certain games and Sega Genesis fans got other games. They were not all 1st party titles that separated the systems, there were always 3rd party involvement and DLC is just another tool now at their disposal.

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bakasora2197d ago

Lol they just gave me a reason to skip this altogether.

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