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The 5 Hottest Female Protagonists in Gaming

MMGN: The best non-sexualised and realistic female leads in gaming.

Sexuality and sex appeal is a tricky thing to balance. In the male-dominated video game industry, most female videogame protagonists are typically hyper-sexualised and unrealistic women created blatantly for the male gaze.

While there are still many outdated and cringe-worthy representations of women in video games, times and attitudes are rapidly changing, and there are developers out there who have and are challenging the stereotypes and creating compelling, realistic, and attractive female characters without the overt use of skin or one-dimensional roles.

Look, I like Lara Croft's booty shorts or Mileena's two... sais as much as every other guy, but why not have more than polygons to ogle at? It has been proven that well-written, attractive and realistic female protagonists do exist in video games and have become more prominent as the industry advances.

Last week I covered some of the most sexist video games that have come to light this generation. Now, here are the top 5 hottest video game heroines who have saved the day from shallow stereotypes and hegemonic sexism, but still kick-ass and get male gamers all flustered without resorting to having their breasts pop out. (Beyond Good & Evil HD, Culture, GameCube, Metroid, Mirror's Edge, PC, Perfect Dark, PS2, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

sly-Famous  +   893d ago
Where is Madison Page and every female in MGS4, Chloe or agent Kuo. If you are going to make a list do it properly.
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Ultr  +   893d ago

I just went through this list to see ONE female protagonist

Her absence makes this list A JOKE!

! Nariko from Heavenly Sword !
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GaryOak  +   893d ago
Uh,they could have at least shown people what Samus looks like.It's kinda hard for people who never heard of her to tell if she's hot or not if all you show is a big orange suit.

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GaryOak  +   893d ago
Sorry for posting that picture,man.Here's one that will make you feel more comfortable.Again,sorry.

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Salamander  +   893d ago
Looks like a 12 year old with huge.. gun.
GaryOak  +   893d ago
Uh,she kinda does....*Hangs head in shame*
....still would though....
-GametimeUK-  +   893d ago
Glados! I would let her probe me :-)
TheLyonKing  +   893d ago
Poor list in my opponion.

Lollipop chainsaw girls too.

Need to be on there
Tyrus_91  +   893d ago
Just to let people know, the criteria I used was that they had to be protagonists and not side-characters (so that eliminated Elena, The Boss, Tifa and other popular choices). I also didn't include character-shaped protagonists like FemShep or female Dovahkiins.

@Ultr: I considered Nariko but I didn't feel she made it in the top 5. Maybe the top 10 or 15.

@TheLyonKing: Same with Rikku; I think she's up there in some of the best, but not in the top 5, at least in my opinion. The Lollipop Chainsaw protagonist is definitely, in my opinion, not a viable candidate. I covered her in my other article before this, though: The 5 Most Sexist Video Games this Gen.
SageHonor  +   893d ago
I couldve sworn i saw two list like this the other day..

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