Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters

SL writes: We have discussed enough videogames. We have made a list out of old and new videogames by different consoles and therefore it’s about time to give it a different spin. I hereby bring you ten of the coolest video game characters in history. Now, it is not necessary that you agree with me. They are purely assembled here based on vote. I am sure you have played and heard of at least half of these characters.

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pompombrum1926d ago

Dante (old) and Solid Snake say "Hi"

Beate1926d ago

This list being topped by Laura Croft is just a disgrace. Loses all credibility when it got to the top spot.

goldwyncq1926d ago

Do they have to put Sephiroth as the image for every single lists that include Final Fantasy VII?

Fishermenofwar1926d ago



Just trolling yuh

MWH1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Sephiroth's picture won't save you; no Dante, no Snake, no Kain, Raziel or Drake = Fail list.

and btw; Sonic is cooler than Mario, regardless.

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