Satoru Iwata: 'I was convinced the Wii wouldn't be Nintendo's last console. It was so unique'

"Before he became Nintendo's global president in 2002, Iwata was one of the key figures behind Nintendo's shift from competing with the high-resolution graphics of the Xbox and PlayStation brands and focusing on "fun to play" gaming – an approach that hit paydirt with the Wii, which has sold just under 100 million units and the DS, which sold more than 150 million.

In 2007, on the back of these successes, the US business magazine Barron's named Iwata as one of the world's top CEOs, but with a long gap between the Wii and the Wii U, Nintendo has struggled in the past 12 months. We sat down with Iwata to discuss just how his company intends to turn the page.", writes The Independent.

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Shok2201d ago

Would've been terrible if Nintendo's last console was a non-HD console lol.

WeskerChildReborned2201d ago

It was innovative at the time bringing in motion gaming but i never really liked motion gaming, i just like the traditional controller and that's why i might check out the Wii U since it will be mixing both a traditional controller, motion gaming, and a touch screen which should make gaming a little bit more interesting for me.

Rashonality2201d ago

why would he think that in the first place.
i mean were they not confident in their product back then or something.

anyway i hope Nintendo keeps making console so it can compete with the other two.

Fishy Fingers2201d ago

Probably not, leading up to launch the Wii seemed to get little positive press from the established gaming community, cries of motion control being a fad, how it visually wasnt up to scratch with the 360/next-gen systems. Blah blah blah.

Pretty much reminds me of a similar situation we find ourselves in now, and it seemed to turn out alright for them last time.

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Picnic2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

The Wii is a cheap , plasticky thing with boring old full sized discs compared to the Gamecube. The Gamecube proprietary discs were the coolest things in gaming - it's just a shame that they could hold less data. The GC just seemed to have much better build quality in console and controller. Whoever said that having a console that you can barely see was a great thing anyway?

Nintendo basically saved themselves by releasing a Gamecube mixed with a Dreamcast (peripheral based games) mixed with a NES (relatively basic graphics).
It is essentially a retro rather than a revolutionary device.

Jadedz2201d ago

So was the N64, though the majority of consumers didn't believe so (hardware sales for the Gamecube and N64, pailed in comparison to the Wii). Sega is a good example of "what to do if you want to exit the hardware race", Sony totally steam rolled them, and Nintendo wasn't doing that well either (their handheld platform [Gameboy] kept them elevated though).

And I really don't get all this Wii hate. "Not all games use motion controls", "some titles have an excellent online service within the title, itself", "and if you do own a Wii, you should have the model with Gamecube playback."

Monster Hunter Tri
The Last Story
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Muramasa: The demon Blade
Pandora's Tower
Goldeneye 007 remake (supports Gamecube controllers)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Pro Evolution soccer series
MLB power pros.
Trauma center series
Redsteel 2
Battalion Wars 2
Spectrobes: Origin
Epic Mickey
Donkey Kong Country returns
Resident Evil 4 (Wii-mote aiming, done amazingly right)
Grand Slam Tennis
NHL 2K11
Wii Sports Resort (great title that showcases Nintendo's motion plus device)
Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 (two of the highest rated titles of this generation)
Godfather: Backhand edition (EA really nailed the motion controls)
Scarface: The World is yours
Bully: Scholarship edition
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Metroid prime Trilogy
Zack & Wiki
Tiger Woods 10/11
Call of Duty series

Point being? The Wii ain't, "garbage."

ShaunCameron2199d ago

Exactly. The Wii does have some good games if people are willing to weed out the shovelware like they did with the PS1 and 2. And for all the talk of shovelware, the Wii has a grand total of around 1220 games to date while the PS1 and 2 had 2000-plus games each(PS1 - 2418; PS2 - 2016).

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