The Most Ridiculous Simulator Games

From tow trucks to baby parties and crippled girl dating sims. looks at the strangest simulation games.

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Snookies122110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Katawa Shoujo wasn't ridiculous, it was actually really good. (of course, you'd have to turn off 18+ scenes to take it seriously though). The writing and character situations were really unique and offered a great experience. Honestly, I only got it as a joke to see how awful of an idea it was. Needless to say, I was definitely mistaken in writing it off at first.

wishingW3L2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

dude, the game's about dating disabled girls for god's sake. That's the very definition of ridiculous and that's without adding the sex scenes....

Snookies122109d ago

How is it ridiculous if it has a good story and well established characters? Something we just don't see in games these days. It's odd, different, and definitely not normal, but it's still a fantastic piece of work as a whole. Especially considering how it was made.

There's a game about dating pigeons. That's ridiculous.

There's a game where you can throw an old man in a wheelchair into buzzsaws and watch body parts fly all over. That's ridiculous.

There is nothing "ridiculous" about dating disabled people. Just not the norm in most cases is all I'm saying.

MacDonagh2109d ago

I suggest that you go and download it since it's free. Since it's a visual-style novel thing with choices you can make and a lot of reading; you might not like it. While the premise is suspicious, it surprised me with the amount of heart and detailed narrative that was put into it by 4 Leaf studios.

EL Lanf2109d ago

Katawa Shoujo isn't even technically Japanese is it? I got the impression most who worked on it weren't Japanese and simply took inspiration and modelled it after the typical galge. The guy who wrote this article clearly doesn't know much about the Japanese game industry, if he's baffled by visual novels.

Perhaps should actually try these things before slagging them off, because Katawa Shoujo being put in the same league as imagine party babyz is an insult.

Redempteur2109d ago

katawa shojo is not a japanese product.
The fact that he put katawa shjo is the same list as those awefull simulators is a sin..

Darth Stewie2109d ago

I agree Katawa Shoujo was really good, I wrote it off because the premise sounded stupid but a friend of mine told me to just play it and I ended up enjoying it.

Bubbles for your statement and your avatar photo of the Humanoid Typhoon.

Feylynn2109d ago

Katawa Shoujo was not Japan's doing and it was also rad.
There is a billion other people that have mentioned that I'm sure so I don't feel the need to elaborate.

Your list is very silly.