It’s Too Bad This Awesome Final Fantasy Is So Insanely Priced

Kotaku: I want to tell you right now to go play Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone and/or iPad. I really do. It's a sublime game with addictive battles and a story as bloody and intricate as any HBO show. And I love being able to play it anywhere, any time.

But thanks to Square Enix's ridiculous pricing, I have to add an asterisk to the recommendation. Final Fantasy Tactics has been out for almost a year on iPhone and it'll still cost you $16. The iPad version, which came out this past February, sells for $18.

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Pozzle2172d ago

It would be interesting to see how well/badly it sells at such a price.

izumo_lee2172d ago

You can get the original one on the PSN for i believe $5 while the PSP War of the Lions is i think $10.

This is just another reason why Squarenix is a shell of their former self.