Tech demo of Heavy Rain

For those who wondered about those close-ups of the supposed heroin of Heavy Rain Quantic Dream released a few weeks ago, here is the same face in video. Totally useless, but impressive.

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vloeistof3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

drool now i know its in-game

Kleptic3802d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

well...if it isn't in game...its pretty pointless as a tech demo...there are far superior mo-cap techniques for pre-rendered animation...

I agree though it does look awesome...its just that its actually pretty lame compared to newer pre-rendered animation...

ha 4 disagrees?...Beowulf (the movie not the game) doesn't have better motion capturing technology in place if we are talking about pre-rendered content? ...

I was only pointing out that this definitely better be in game real-time rendering if it is supposed to raise pun intended...

dino6453802d ago

in game so there just showing us how good it will look ingame..

Kain813802d ago

It written at the beginning of the Video.
This graphics are gorgeous

dino6453802d ago

ya you are rite it says at the start of the video that its real time and it dose look good...

zambrota3801d ago

console war finishes in 2008

WItness the power of PS3

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Lord Anubis3802d ago

It looks very stunning, with the original demo which showed lots of emotion I can see this game technology setting the bar for future cinematic experiences.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3802d ago

quantic dream is amazing.

for anyone who played INDIGO PROPHECY knows what i`m talking about.

the Graphics were amazing, in that game for being on ps2.

they are a very very innovative company, that make NICHE games

like TEAM ICO.

that FACT that PS3/SONY has these three companys making EXCLUSIVE games is unreal.......


all of these guys fly under the radar in the mainstream, but are very respected around the industry.

and ALL make amazing games.

Clap Your Hands3802d ago

I'm not saying that there bad, but they seem mostly to make mainstream games. At least a lot more mainstream then Team Ico and Quantic Dream...

heyheyhey3801d ago

sucker punch aren't the cream of sony's crop, but they are making that promising game called infamous and i love their sly cooper series

i think sonys top 3 studios are:


quantic dream comes in at fourth, because apart from stunning facial animation and detail- we dont know if the game is any good (although it probably will be given how good fahrenheit was)

Anego Montoya FTMFW3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

@hey hey hey
i didn`t say CREAM OF THE CROP.

i said NOT mainstream.

Insomniac and ND are mainstream.

@clap your hands

they are MORE mainstream

BUT, Sly cooper is NOT mainstream and is INNOVATIVE as F**K when it comes to action/platformers.

SLY doesn`t sell extremly well, but is loved by those who play it.

like SOTC.

GOD, it`s ADAM SESSLERS favorite games series, he always TRYED to make people buy it, on the OLD XPLAYS and i`ll always like him for that! more people NEEDED to play them.

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The story is too old to be commented.