‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’ and ‘Gravity Rush’| Sfluxe Reviews

Sfluxe writes:

‘Theatrhythm’ off-key; ‘Gravity Rush’ a lightweight.

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Snookies122201d ago

Hahaha, Gravity Rush a 1.5... This IS a joke right? No way I can take that seriously.

NovusTerminus2201d ago

You bash Gravity Rush... And yet you complement Final Fantasy: Farmville Edition?

Ehhhh... No. I understand Gravity Rush has areas to improve, but for a new IP, it comes together nice, certainly not a 1.5... I would give it a 3.5/5. I enjoyed it, but the combat was a little clunky, not unbearable though.

r212201d ago

im sorry but no way can gravity rush get a freaking 1.5.
a score LOWER than that 2.5 for that rhythm game :L
3-4 more likely!

dafegamer2201d ago

Is this a Joke review? Honestly I hope the guy is not serious with that score

dafegamer2201d ago

I guess it is another site hungry for some hits