Video games could improve your life

There is always a debate over whether video games are beneficial or harmful to those who play.

U.S. scientists have found that regular players of "shoot 'em up" video games, such as "Half-Life" and "Medal of Honor" (games that can be played on several gaming systems), have much better visual skills than most of the population.

The researchers have shown that people who play these games were particularly good at spotting details in busy, confusing scenes and could cope with more visual distractions than the average person.

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Lord Anubis3496d ago

I believe that is true, since i can notice things my friends don't notice right away, but, wouldn't that make us dinosaurs? (vision based on movement) :P

Amnesiac3496d ago


Snoozer2823496d ago

They already do, they make it less boring.

Federal-Actors-Guild3496d ago

Video games could improve your life unless you have a 360, it only causes frustation and billions of dollars out of taxpayers wallets... so stick to the ps3 with its great psn uupdates.


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