Official Nintendo Magazine Editor: ‘Loads Of Third-Party Stuff Coming To Wii U’

According to Official Nintendo Magazine editor Chandra Nair, there are loads of unannounced third-party content for Wii U. Nair says that his favorite part from last month’s E3 was finding out about all the third-party Wii U games that weren’t revealed to the public. Nair thinks that we will hear plenty of third-party announcements for Wii U at Gamescom or TGS.

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remanutd552145d ago

very good!!! now new first party exclusives!!!!!

victorGma212145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

We know there is more stuff to be announced but people don't want to wait for the launch. They want to bash the console before it is even out, which is ignorance if you ask me.

Jadedz2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Is it fair to assume that certain Wii U software titles, will be digitally released only?

That's an aspect about the Wii U developers should take advantage of.

sarshelyam2145d ago

Nintendo hasn't fully stepped into the online arena in terms of social integration, and you think they're already going digital?

Not likely to the scope your words seem to suggest!

PopRocks3592145d ago

Nintendo's supporting downloadable full retail games at launch. What's to stop developers from taking advantage of that?

sarshelyam2145d ago

Their Network integration plans, or the lack thereof. I think there's simply too much mystery for a holiday launch to consider 3rd Party developers are going to be completely on board with this much for the halfway mark into the new year.

CaptainN2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Ummm, you obviously have not been paying attention to what Nintendo has been saying when it comes to digital distribution. Wii-U will have games that can be downloaded on day one. As for third party games, its up to them if they want it to be able to be downloadable and/or at retail. It all starts with New Super Mario bros 2 for 3DS in August. As for exclusive downloadable games.....its very likely as they have them on 3DS already (Pushmo, Dillions Rolling Adventure, etc)

sarshelyam2144d ago

CaptainN, you misread and misunderstand my point. I've read plenty, and I also know Nintendo talks a good game but implements differently.

I'm not talking about network exclusive games, I'm talking full retail releases. Yes, I know Nintendo has talked about this, but the point stands, if Nintendo can't solidify their strategy, what 3rd Party company is going to take a chance on theoretical planning?

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PopRocks3592145d ago

The more the merrier, eh? Hopefully third party software won't be in short supply for this one.

V0LT2145d ago

In other words... shovelware.

PygmelionHunter2144d ago

The Wii U always gets shovelware? Amazing, man! Can you take me on a ride with your D'lorean?

AO1JMM2144d ago

I'm all about digital downloadable games. I have 50+ games in my Steam library and a few on my 360 and ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.