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Omar Elaasar states, "It will be up to the community to decide whether Guild Wars 2 continues to be a long remembered and celebrated success, or if it simply fades into the background like many once big name MMOs."

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rdgneoz32017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Glad he liked the humans, but they Charr and Norn don't lack any polish. Its probably because he didn't get that far into them to really experience their personal story or the dynamic events hidden away in the areas.

Hell, one of the funnest events I found was in the Norn area on the frozen lake against the Shaman who summons creatures and the elements to fight you (check the videos on youtube, with a lot of people it is a hard ass fight - events scale with the number of people).

And with the Charr, the choices you make affect your warband (don't want to spoil it too much).
Overall, can't wait for the next weekend beta and for the game to come out.