Survival Horror - GU Fantasy Draft

We, as gamers, may always enjoy our games with full-blown action, high-octane gunfighting, elegant fantasy stories woven together like a timeless novel, and many others. However, sometimes we need to head into the darker side- the area in gaming where developers can craft games that can instill in us the most incredible of nightmares and chilling terrors. I’m talking about horror games of course. Games with horror themes have been around for well over thirty years in the world of gaming, but the genre didn’t start to elaborate and expand upon itself until the creation of what many call “survival horror”- a brand of horror game that places you in a situation where you face insurmountable odds with sparse supplies and only your wits to guide you through the temporal darkness. The genre may be losing some steam in today’s current generation due to a high influence of shooting/cinematic action games consuming the market, but they still are a popular and recognized genre. In today’s GU Fantasy Draft, the staff will tell you their favorite horror games and why they think these particular games epitomize “survival horror” to them. You know the rules, read what the staff thinks, if you agree give them your vote! Congrats again to last Draft winner, Jake!

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