Metal Gear Solid 4 Best Version Adds Full Install Support

Trophies aren't the only surprise feature Konami is readying for Metal Gear Solid 4. The game's new PS3 the Best budget version will also feature support for full data install.

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Irishguy952144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Gud. Might finally replay it now

Edit--I actually find it shocking people will moan about Multiple disks and let this game away with 5 separate installs for a playthrough. Thank God this is getting done finally, shoulda came with the game.

3dawg2144d ago

i replayed this game to death unlocked every single emblem and collected every weapons. they better not put a trophy asking for all the emblems but im guessing they will. lol. im ready coz it has been a while

Eyesoftheraven2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Damn, that's some hard gaming work! Props to you!

Nitrowolf22144d ago

me 2, but it's been years so I suppose it will be worth it again.

I hope they can patch the install in, otherwise I might go out and buy this version.

morganfell2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

It isn't just there, look at this:

I am laughing at all of the doubters from the earlier story.

Also someone in this thread doesn't understand the difference between an install and swapping a disc. Tsk tsk.

Considering the amount of time spent attacking PS3 titles, including MGS4, no one is really buying the idea he has played it. I am always amazed at such people that spend more time in PS3/Sony threads on the attack than they do making pro comments in 360/MS threads.

CommonSense2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

why would you be laughing at the "doubters?" isn't their doubt justified? how many times over the years have we heard this before?

sure, this seems more concrete (and, if true, will give me a reason to play through for a 4th time), but why criticize people for learning lessons from recent history?

"Also someone in this thread doesn't understand the difference between an install and swapping a disc. Tsk tsk. "

he got it just fine, if you ask me. he simply said why criticize disk swapping over loading times. especially since disk swapping takes 5 seconds, and those MGS4 load screens took 3+ minutes.

"Considering the amount of time spent attacking PS3 titles, including MGS4, no one is really buying the idea he has played it. I am always amazed at such people that spend more time in PS3/Sony threads on the attack than they do making pro comments in 360/MS threads."

this is just flat out hypocrisy. AND, nobody was attacking anything. maybe you shouldn't take things that have nothing to do with you so personally.

Diver2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

if people knew anything they would understand that adriansang isn't kotaku. they don't do hit generation for web clicks. but as will rogers said" common sense ain't common"

and morg is dead bang on about people coming into ps3 threads to constantly attack. just sick of it.

2pacalypsenow2144d ago

i was gonna do that but then i thought they might release a trophies patch so i was saving the hardest difficulty for that

ziggurcat2144d ago

i believe if you still have the save files from your current copy, once it's patched to have trophy support it'll check your saved game data, and you'll get all of the trophies you may have accomplished.

knowing kojima, and the trophy list from the HD collection, there's likely going to be a trophy to collect all of the emblems.

tordavis2143d ago

Who in the hell is attacking? One of the biggest flaws of MGS4 was waiting for those damn installs. That was just bad game design. I would have rather installed the whole thing or swapped discs because it would have been faster. Oh and one more thing on swapping have to do that every time you change a game so really, what's the big deal?

LightofDarkness2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

@tor: it's useless. People like Morganfell can never admit to or perhaps even see faults in anything PS3 related. He is one of the old die-hards, and it is useless trying to have rational conversations with people like him (same goes for powerofgreen and his many aliases, darksniper, zhuk etc). Fanboys will be fanboys.

And you're absolutely right, those installs were far more annoying than a simple disc swap. Plus, they invalidated the whole joke about disc swaps made in the game (I think that was in Act 4).

mewhy322143d ago

Wow. The very title of this article is "trolling". It should've never been approved with that title. The information is good but the the title is clearly trolling. I'm a little disappointed in the clear ps3 slant here on a 'News' website.

Irishguy952143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

**** of all the articles I pick not to read, this one has to be the most misleading. We have to rebuy MGS4 if we want to install it. **** that ****

Edit---also Lol Morganfell...
"he didn't like the 5 installs...Naw can't be true, he must not have played the game"

Hurr. Fanboy Logic at it's finest.

Edit 2---haha holy **** he bubbled up for it. You never cease to amaze me N4G.

@ DA SHREDDER. It's not bad if you want to re buy the game, but what about people who already have it. I suppose I don't really have the right to demand this though, got the game as it was 4 years ago. Don't forget that the Online is gone off now too. It actually had a great online, but the Konami system/id **** was annoying too.

Diver2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

heres the sad part. morg is exactly right. lots of people on this site hate him an i mean really hate him.

 look at the post of guys like irish guy. hes a huge xbox supporter. nothin wrong with that its his bag. but hes also a ps3 an sony hater and like others of his kind he spends a lot of time in sony ps3 threads attacking attacking attacking. some of them like nuke spend an insane amount of time in ps3 threads.

here is a study i did on him recently.

why? are people that insecure that they cant sleep at night and have to do things like this? is it because as much as they love their xbox they really feel sony has a better machine and games? are they that afraid of sony? why do they do this? 

sorry dudes but at the end of the day when it all gets broken down people like us that are sick and tired of crap like that are only left with 1 or 2 explanations why people do these things an none of those things has the word objective gamer in them.

an light of darkness get off your high horse. peeps can read a post history. you use the same techniqes that got nuke busted. you make it too easy. its jus insulting you think people won't go look at your past. flying just under the radar short of attacks and doing it constantly is the oldest trick in the book but your lack of in depth knowledge possessed by average ps3 gamers gives you away. if you can't be fair why not do the right thing an stay out of threads about a console you despise. an no one is interested in protestations o ownership

AKS2143d ago

This brings back memories about what it was like to get that Big Boss Emblem. Tough challenge ahead.

LightofDarkness2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

@Diver: please, tell me how I despise my PS3. Because I can tell you that I love my PS3, but I'm not incapable of noticing flaws with it or its exclusive games. The same goes for any machine or game, nothing is perfect. But you go ahead and do your little N4G police routine. I'm sure every body cares about how right you are about other users on a video game website.

Back on topic: it looks like you won't have to re-buy the game, which is good. But I really don't feel like getting that Big Boss Emblem all over again, that was hard :p

EeJLP-2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Please don't make this "best" budget version an ugly greatest hits label like Heavy Rain's best version (Director's Cut w/ DLC, soundtrack, etc. on disk, but not available in Black Label).

Edit: looks like it's also a patch for the regular version, which should have been obvious, but still, I'd rebuy a slightly better version of the game with everything on the disk.

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MazzingerZ2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

There was never official word about why multiple installa, gaming sites ignored all that as well, I guess that didn't matter considering how damn good the game was

Besides, anyone that played the game must agree that those breaks at the end of each chapter were more than welcomed, there were so intensive

My guessing was always that full install size was too large for those days standard PS3 modell, 10 GB or more!, we'll see what it turns to be, they might have optimized the amount of data required to install, who knows, all those FW updates afterwards might helped

Irishguy952143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I disagree about breaks, if I want to take a break, I will. I call these 'forced breaks'. It was just an inconvenience, like changing disks is. It's really not that bad, only a few minutes, but still. If you don't complain about these in MGS4 you literally have no logical reason to moan/laugh at multiple disks.

Anyhow you're argument only works when you do a chapter in one sitting.Turning on the game, playing it for 5 minutes and then needing to stop playing for a few mins to install was quite annoying though imo. Again I would have much preferred either changing disks which takes a few seconds, or simply installing the whole game before I play it.

MazzingerZ2143d ago

Please don't pull me into those discussions about swaping discs, never cared nor care today, enjoyed Blue Dragon on the X360 despite of being one of thr first with multiple discs. I Just play games

DA_SHREDDER2143d ago

20 dollar download on the psn and I'll buy it.

WeskerChildReborned2144d ago

I didn't really mind the chapter installs but this does make more sense. Wonder why Kojima is doing all this now. Hmm make's me wonder if their will be a MGS5 reveal soon.

Soldierone2144d ago

Konami probably just needs a boost in sales lol

(In all reality, its the 25th anniversary year of MGS, this is how they are celebrating)

WeskerChildReborned2144d ago

Oh i see now. Still can hope for an MGS5 teaser soon though :P

Larry L2144d ago

With Metal Gear Online being taken down a week or two before all these crazy announcments about MGS4 getting a bit of a revamping with Trophy support and a more modern/traditional style install.............I'm starting to wonder if maybe Metal Gear Online wasn't taken down to ALSO be revamped to match the quality of modern PS3 games. You using PSN IDs instead of those rediculous Konami IDs. Perhaps it may even get "re-released" on PSN as Free2Play or something.

It just seem SO odd to me that right after it's news that MGO's servers are being taken down, here comes more news of MGS4 getting significantly updated. I think we'll be hearing more about MGO soon as well.

FantasticHood2144d ago

If this is how they're celebrating, someone needs to tach Konami how to party.

Aggesan2144d ago

@Larry L Oh man don't say stuff like that. I become all giggidy!

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andibandit2144d ago

God lord please not a MGS5, rather a whole new series.
The MGS story can't take another convoluted twist or the space time continuum will break.

WeskerChildReborned2144d ago

It has already been confirmed that their will indeed be a MGS5.

raiden-492143d ago

I think that the install is going to be huge so ps3 back in the would lose alot of space even the 80gb mgs4 ps3

MrBeatdown2144d ago

Nice. Hope this is included in the patch. I don't see why it wouldn't be.

Outsider-G2144d ago

Agreed. Jumping into the action without waiting is a huge plus so I hope this gets patched for the people who already have the game.

WildArmed2144d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. It'd definitely make all that jumping around between chapters more bearable once that lovely patch hits.

BitbyDeath2144d ago

Sure hope so, same patch as the trophies would be good.

jessupj2144d ago

The only reason it wouldn't be included would be the force us to buy the game again if we don't want to go through a mini install each chapter.

But I don't think Hideo would do that to us.

Aggesan2144d ago

I think itäll be in the patch. Reading Konami's official site (google translated into english) it says "patch will deliver the data that you want to add bulk and installation features trophy feature. Customers with software already can accommodate each new feature if it is possible to apply the patch again even without purchase imperative."

That last sentence makes me a believer!

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roadkillers2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

The chapter installs were a break from the constant playing. I went and got the game on release, during one of the worst snow storms of the year, and played it nonstop (between work) until I beat it.

Edit: Actually it might have been school and I'm pretty sure it got cancelled. See, even God love MGS.

Hoje03082144d ago

You speak very good English for a guy that I assume lives in the southern hemisphere.

roadkillers2144d ago

I thought the game came out in winter... the date was June 12th. I googled June 12th 2008 Wisconsin, and there was massive flooding going on that day. So, I have no idea why I remember snow or going to school for that matter. Shit, my story will sound better with floods.

Hoje03082144d ago

Ha! No big deal, I was just giving you a little shit. The number of disagrees I received leads me to believe that a handful of people on this site aren't aware of the difference in season between hemispheres.

Nitrowolf22144d ago

ha yea, assuming you live out of the states, cause there was no Snow here in June/July or school.

crinale2144d ago

At the time MGS4 was released HDD came with consoles were not that big, so Kojima had no choice but make installation chapter-based.
Now over 100GB SKU are common (for 20GB - 60GB models you could replace HDD anytime you want) so finally he decided to patch it.
Wise move I guess.