Valve, Epic, Crytek and Bethesda are interested in virtual reality goggles made ​​by creator of Doom

Gameplay with the VR is being targeted by some of the big gaming companies that influence the public's interest.

Carmack is working with the prototype Oculus Rift HMD VR enthusiast / expert Palmer Luckey, who revealed it is negotiating with Valve, Epic, Bethesda (id, ZeniMax), and the company Crytek engines on the headset.

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1925d ago
WeskerChildReborned1925d ago

Virtual reality is interesting so idk why they wouldn't be. I still prefer traditional controller though. Maybe a virtual reality + controller duo.

BitbyDeath1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I hope thats an early model lol

Also will this mean ID are going to throw their hat into the console ring with MS, Sony and Ninty?

Or is this just a PC thing?

310dodo1925d ago

i just hate the feeling of something over my eyes and forehead

kinda bugs me after a while 10 mins lol

rdgneoz31925d ago

And imagine it during the hot summer. It'll be covered in sweat in no time.

AO1JMM1925d ago

I am very interested as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.