GTA V: 10 Improvements That Need To Be Made

WC writes: So, in order for GTA V to be loved the most by GTA fans and gain new ones, radical improvements need to be made. Here are my top 10 for what Rockstar need to improve to make GTA V live up to our expectations.

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2017d ago Replies(4)
TopDudeMan2017d ago

It needs planes like san andreas had and not just choppers.

PCGamingNoobs2017d ago

funny thing is everyone says i NEEDS planes, so you get planes you flight it for two seconds realise its not as fun as driving through the streets and jump out and drive anyway

TopDudeMan2017d ago

Nah, that's just you. I flew planes everywhere in san andreas. I'm sure most other people did, too. That map was massive.

KentBlake2017d ago

It NEEDS mid-mission checkpoints.

Dovahkiin2017d ago

This. I didn't finish the last mission of GTA IV because I was sick of having to restart it.

KentBlake2017d ago

I stopped around the 45th mission (out of 90) because I couldn't stand driving across the entire city every single time I messed up.

koh2017d ago

11 pages for a list of 10, my least favorite type of hits mining

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