What Makes A Good Video Game Villain?

WC writes: This is a question which is very, very important. A bad villain can really bring any game, or even book, film, or TV show down. If the player does not care about the villain, if they find them amusing rather than threatening, it can be a huge blow. So, I want to talk about what makes good villains tick. I could talk all day about this suject, but for sanity’s sake I have boiled it down to four key factors.

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Irishguy952049d ago

While Bleach is a bit meh, Aizen was a God level troll
"Just as planned" herp

As for gaming, about Kane- C&C haha.

WeskerChildReborned2048d ago

Aizen, Tobi, and Orochimaru :P. My favorite villians in anime.

WeskerChildReborned2048d ago

I would say being interesting and evil would make a good villian like Joker. He's an interesting character or maybe Carnage.

Bebedora2048d ago

Lots of personality and manners that gets involved in the story.
It has to have depth.
Well written character, like said by Lord_sloth.

Good things as well as the bad things. Complexity and very cunningly exploit situations. Lots of money to execute 'the' plan.

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The story is too old to be commented.