3DS-XL: Good Idea, Bad Timing

Splitkick: Nintendo’s recent announcement of the 3DS-XL has garnered some mixed reactions. After Miyamoto publicly stated to IGN that there wouldn’t be any iterative upgrades to the Nintendo 3DS hardware (extra nub attachments notwithstanding) they revealed the XL version of their hardware shortly after E3. Delivering this on the tail of the Wii U demonstration at E3 has opened the door for many people to speculate on why Nintendo made the decision to release a new iteration of the 3DS. The truth, more likely than not, is that Nintendo feels it can still retain dominance in the mobile gaming market with the same tactics it has always adhered to.

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Smokingunz2164d ago

This article is stupid! The xl will sell just as fast as the 3ds just for the simple fact that it is an upgrade! The bigger screen alone which offers a better 3d viewing is enough for a purchase. Throw in the longer battery life and it's an even better deal. The reason why I'm saying this because even I myself is going to buy one. One thing I hated about the 3ds was the small screen. Another thing I hated as well, was that the original ds games were terrible on the system. It didn't fill up the whole screen, now with the xl they said that every ds game including the eshop games will stretch to fill the screen up.