Activision on the block: Assessing the potential buyers

"Vivendi might be getting more serious about offloading Activision-Blizzard.

"Reuters reports the French conglomerate has been in talks with a number of video game (and mass media) companies about a potential sale of the industry's top seller.

"That makes for a good headline – and I have no doubt about Reuters' report, but as the industry works itself into a frenzy trying to guess whether Microsoft, Time Warner, or Tencent will be the new home of Call of Duty and Diablo, too many people are failing to scratch the surface," writes Chris Morris of Gamasutra.

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rbluetank2228d ago

very good read. i am wondering who will spent the money. i will be shocked if no one spends the money...

SeekDev2228d ago

Yeah, it's not every day that a company that holds such sway on gaming is offered up to be bought.

betrayed gamer2228d ago

yea if ms buys this they will have a good start next gen

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

They will basically have 4 new major games.
One console game 3 pc games.
And knowing how MS handles pc?? Dear God...
This could only be good for console gaming.

DeadlyFire2227d ago

Doubtful they would fully buy it. 10 Billion is a steep investment for anyone. They would more than likely let them break that down into smaller pieces and buy a bigger piece of the pie if interested, but not the whole thing.

BitbyDeath2227d ago

I can't think of any company in a great position to buy these guys.

archemides5182227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

The ONLY worthwhile IP that activision has is call of duty, but it's on the way down--hence the sell off. prototype, blur, singularity, guitar hero, tony hawk are all underperforming and worthless. Spiderman, Transformers, James Bond, Nascar, and Disney titles are licensed from other owners and would never be exclusive to microsoft if they bought activision. WoW is going downhill too in terms of subscribers but that is in another division.

Marz2227d ago

I don't think any of the big 3 should purchase Activision basically because of this

"Activision's profitability would plummet as a Microsoft division, since there's no real chance the company would make games for the PlayStation or Nintendo platforms. "

it's just too much to control

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