Lost Humanity 3: My Dream Boss

"'Hey, congratulations! You da boss now. Come in! This is your office! Take a seat in that executive leather chair. Spin around and look at the view! What do you think? Beautiful, isn't it? You da boss now! It's all gravy from here on in, baby! Enjoy!'

"It started with Kickstarter, didn't it? Suddenly you were in a position to decide what stuff you wanted, and you could help other people make that stuff for you. You handed over some of your own hard-earned money to strangers, and said, 'Yes, go make that thing. I want it.' Sometimes you even said, 'Here, take even more of my money, because I want you to put a picture of me in your thing too, and send me a video message, and take me for dinner. Because I am quite, quite mad.' It was like being a boss. A creepy boss. It felt like power, almost, but it was actually a trick," writes Robert Florence of Eurogamer.

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