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therealwillie3828d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

that sucks

edit - yeah theres judge dredd and there's call of duty "4" wallpapers. still crap though, i aint downloading judge dredd thats for sure

edit - they have all the correct info up now

Lucreto3828d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

And yet more rubbish. I want the DMC demo.

This site doesn't mention the PS1 game Judge Dread.

I wonder why it is out so early. It usually not out for another 4 hours. So I still have hope for the demo.

Kain813827d ago

japnees account. there you will find it i have it already.

PopEmUp3827d ago

make a U.S account if you ain't living in the us that way you can get every demo that is available in the us and not Europe Just like me I live in Germany but I also make a us account to access everything in the us store except purchasing since I live in Germany Not U.S

monks3828d ago

i just brought PixelJunk Monster on UK store

i am still hoping for pain, bowling, skydiving and first person

diefor3827d ago

PixelJunk Monster great little game. Good price

predator3827d ago

the website is loading for me at work, could someone paste what is available please.

also on a side note, isn't this a bit early?

Lucreto3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

PixelJunk Monster - Game £ 3.99
Judge Dredd Game (PSP-PS3) 3.49
Civilization Revolution Trailer
Call of Duty 4 Theme
Call of Duty 2 Wallpapers

I don't know why it is so early. I hope there will be more to come later.

PS thanks for the bubbles.

predator3827d ago

Please tell me thats not it? wow thats not the best update ever is although i will give PixelJunk Monster a go, there is a trail of that yeah?

Thanks for posting....bubble for you effort.

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The story is too old to be commented.