Pyroland: Setting Fire to the Rainbow

Camine goes behind the mask to talk about Meet the Pyro and question in which universe it is that Team Fortress 2 actually takes place:

I was excited to see where Valve's writers would go with Meet the Pyro. It needed to be somewhere excellent. It had the rest of the Meet the Team series to live up to. The idea that best things ought to be saved for last meant that expectations would run higher than usual. Meet the Pyro also faced a handicap unique to its character: the video would have to succeed without letting us really meet the Pyro. The Pyro is defined by his unknowability. Even my use of male pronouns in reference to him is a choice that can be examined rather than an absolute certainty. I trusted Valve's writers to know how to budget information about the Pyro, but I have seen great monsters get over-explained into the ground often enough that the possibility was on my mind.

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