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Wii U a “Dream” to develop for, heralds many “Possibilities”

A developer shares their thoughts with website Non Specific Action. (Wii U)

Hard to tell
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PopRocks359  +   933d ago
Oh wow. An anonymous developer saying something positive about the Wii U's specs? And look at that! Next to no buzz! That's just typical.

Seriously guys, if you're going to respond to the bad news, at least acknowledge the good stuff that comes with it.
Emilio_Estevez  +   933d ago
If they can't name a source then I don't believe it, regardless of good or bad perception.
PopRocks359  +   933d ago
So you'll believe it when an anonymous developer says the Wii U is underpowered compared to its competition, but when another anonymous developer says exactly the opposite, it's invalid?

What source did the other anonymous quotes have? They're anonymous; they don't have a source listed. We know nothing about these developers, their resume or anything else about hem other than that they formulated some sort of opinion about the Wii U.

Sense, why you no make it?
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MrMushroom  +   932d ago
As long as you stick to to your guns on that, then I understand you. Seen many a guy turn around when the situation 'fits' him.
Emilio_Estevez  +   932d ago
@poprocks - did u read my comment? No source, no validity imo - Don't care if they say it's the greatest thing ever or the worst.
Gaming4Ever  +   932d ago
Very good point. Positive news = no reaction. Negative = oh my god, Nintendo is doomed! People like negativity.
GribbleGrunger  +   932d ago
correction: people like confrontation
Morrigan-Aensland  +   932d ago
People realize what the Wii u is just like they realized what the Wii is.

The Wii doesn't have 1:1 motion controls like Nintendo said and it lacked technologically advanced core games. Casual gamers jumped on the hype train but they didn't buy a lot of the software. It's the highest sold console this gen but its played less than people playing ps2 today. People see the Wii for what it is today so they know the gimmick controller with the games aren't anything special. A lot if people will not go out to get the Wii u because of the lesson they learned by buying a Wii.

In today's world where people are useto sleek ipads and smart tablets and such will see the Wii u pad as being a big fisher price toy.

Gamers and anyone who knows about gaming knows that most developers aren't making anything for Wii u and most wouldn't want their highly anticipated titles on the Wii u.

I can't wait till next gen consoles are announced with a few games shown. I don't understand people not thinking of the practicality of using a separate device to look on during playing a game on a tv. A lot of times when I play video games I don't even want to blink my eyes much less to look down on a controller to press hotkeys on a screen. To each his own but I can't be bothered with gimmicks and old tech mentality of Nintendo. I'm glad for the fans though.
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Gaming4Ever  +   932d ago
@GribbleGrunger - confrontation comes from negativity.
I never understood why the mind usually is in favor for bad news.. This is why the news is so popular. If they only showed good things ratings would decrease.

I think could be true.. It uses basic pc parts to devs love that..
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Jadedz  +   933d ago
"Apparently the console is a “dream” to develop for because the system architecture is so “simple” and “easy”, allowing developers to get games “up and running” incredibly fast."

ish just got real... good!
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Fishy Fingers  +   932d ago
Can't see them using any 'wacky' hardware like Sony, or any benchmark setting top end stuff so I'm not surprised its an enjoyable system to work on.

Probably like that few year old PC, but with a shiny new controller.
KingItachi  +   932d ago
These anonymous devs need to put a name behind these comments.
thetrugamer  +   932d ago
Risky business, trust me, I've been there. (Not as a dev).
LNDCalling  +   932d ago
.... say's Nintendo posing as an anonymous developer!

Why on earth would they stay anonymous, its not like they are saying something bad or top secret!!

I mean other developers have openly said similar things… I call BS!
thetrugamer  +   932d ago
In all honesty, it it much easier to remain anon over these things. It's the only way to ensure words don't get twisted against you and such.
Gaming4Ever  +   932d ago
I kinda like these articles... Gets me all excited even if it could be fake. Why? I rather it be said and made up than not at all!
LNDCalling  +   932d ago
That is true I must admit!
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cleft5  +   932d ago
So the more we hear about the Wii U, the more it looks like the Wii U will be a great console. Look I know a lot of folks hate on Nintendo cause they are Nintendo, but people at least keep an open mind and try out the Wii U before passing that final judgement. I am looking forward to the Wii U and everything I read only gets me more hyped, even the negative comments are no where near as bad as they could be.
corrus  +   932d ago
WII U will be the same as WII now have a couples of third party and WII U will be great wait till comes out and we'll see i can named few games that not gonna be on WII U Resident Evil 6 Medal of Honor Warfighter Crysis 3 maybe and Black Ops 2 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and BF3 didn't come out for WII U GTA5.
remanutd55  +   932d ago
so i ask where are the amazing exclusive games? show me the games nintendo, same thing i asked from sony at the beginning of this generation, too much talking no showing. so far i havent seen anything outstanding and dont let me start on next gen lol.
mike1up  +   932d ago
Perhaps these don't fit your definition of amazing, but here are your exclusives:

1. ZombiU
2. Rayman Legends
3. Project P-100
4. New Super Mario Bros. U
5. Pikmin 3
6. Nintendo Land

So... we have at least 6 exclusives for the launch window. I take it you were expecting at least 7?
remanutd55  +   932d ago
you are wrong none of those games are amazing, the only decent game i see is ZombiU, rayman? p100? another super mario? pikmin? nintendo land? really? oh my god where are the games nintendo, zombiU is a decent start but i want to see more before i make the investment and i think i will get what i want, nintendo will bring the games on the wii u just as sony brought them on the ps3 i can feel it, i hope im right.
mike1up  +   932d ago

"Amazing" is a relative term, and "exclusive" is not. I chose the latter because I have no idea what your definition of amazing is.

I am not wrong. I thought that SOME of those titles were indeed amazing.
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