Let Me Help You: The Life of a Support-Class Player

Erik G of VideoGameOlogists talks about his experiences as primarily a support type player in games like Battlefield and Ghost Recon, and how developers could strive to make their games more friendly to players like him.

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Ser2047d ago

I miss the 2142 medic-beam-gun-thing.

ATi_Elite2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I never play Medic but i do play engineer and I will fix up your vehicle in a Jiffy and even clean teh windshield!!!

"Just pop smoke so I don't get pwned while doing so"

I don't mind risking my neck repairing armor as long as the driver is not camping it like a park ranger.

310dodo2047d ago

I love reviving my teammates
I feel thats part of my duty

id rather revive 2 guys then die
then run in bullets flying and just die lol

WeskerChildReborned2047d ago

Yea and it make's the game feel more team based when you help your team or when you have to rely on a teammate to help you.

yoyo121212047d ago

I think assault is the best class

UnitSmiley2047d ago

I love playing support classes. Often times I play a support class if i'm new to a game to help my team out and at the same time learn/get used to the mechanics of the game. That way I can at least contribute something and am not just cannon fodder xD