How to Earn Hundreds of Thousands of Credits on Halo: Reach

Stick Skills: "While Halo: Reach is slowly moving on and Halo 4 is taking its place, many of us are still playing what’s available and working on reaching a higher rank or unlocking that last piece of armor. While the in-game challenges and bonus jackpots help a lot, there is still one under-used feature that many do not know about. That feature is Custom Challenges."

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Sainox162169d ago

If only I knew this months ago lol

Stansolo2168d ago

I salute you sir for telling about this great feature that I knew nothing about.
I have about 125000 credits and its taken me ages to get them and tbh I have not been on halo reach for quite a bit. I will be back on playing now I know about this little jem of info.
Thanks a great deal for sharing this.