The curious question of video game pricing

Brutal Gamer's Amy poses the big questions - why do games prices have to differ so much region to region? Are we really being ripped off? What about digital content?

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Tzuno2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

it's all about patience money and cleverness. which one you are?

Gamer19822080d ago

Digital content on consoles is a joke games come out at RRP on a console day 1. Did you know when you buy a game thanks to transport costs, store costs etc.. the game developer only gets around 30% of the cash from that game? However if you buy digitally they get nearly 100%? Plus a digital copy means the games un-tradeable meaning even more profit as nobody can rebuy that game used. Yet developers STILL insist on charging us MORE for the digital copy on PSN (latest games sometimes come out at £59.99 in UK!) than a physical copy (you can get as cheap as £35.99 from places like shopto).

You save around £24 buying physical the developer loses a hell of a lot more if you then trade in that game later.

On PC this isn't a problem however Digital games have always been cheaper than physical counterparts thanks to platforms like STEAM. This was done to combat piracy..

chrisgay2080d ago

I find games to be almost always far more expensive on Steam than a retail copy from Amazon. Obviously not when a sale is on of course- fingers crossed for tonight...

Tonester9252080d ago

I've always wondered why PC games cost less than console games? Is it because the tons of money spent on the PC?

averyzoe2080d ago

I really do think a big portion of it is what they think people are willing to pay, even more so than the cost associated with producing the game.

Tonester9252080d ago

Wouldn't it cost more producing a PC game?