This Is What A $30,000 PC Gaming Room Looks Like

Kate Cox, Kotaku- "The room itself isn't particularly large, but the systems inside it are quite nice indeed. I admit, I could like to give that a try. Now all I need is $30,000. And a spare room."

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StanLee2110d ago

Some people have the means to not limit themselves.

ATi_Elite2110d ago

Yeh that's nice but how's his Pron collection?J/K

that my friend is totally kick arse!!!

all he needs is a gaming chair, toilet, and a fridge full of adult drinks and I would never leave that room!

mushroomwig2110d ago

Any guesses on how much this will add to his power bill?

thebudgetgamer2110d ago

I would imagine fifty maybe even sixty bucks.

Gran Touring2110d ago

That racing seat setup looks better than the interior of most cars. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.