Amazon expands Xbox Live Microsoft Points download products

Retailer Inc. this week began offering an expanded selection of downloadable Microsoft Points product for the Xbox Live division of the Xbox 360.

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MasterD9192080d ago

Nice! I order points all the time through Amazon and it's nice to see that they are allowing for more variations of points.

You get the code e-mailed to you, you input it and you are good to go without ever stepping foot in a store or using your credit card through your console. It is the smart way to get points if you need them as fast as possible.

nukeitall2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Kind of surprised by this, but ease of access certainly is a good thing for Xbox 360 owners.

I always buy my points on sale usually at least 25% discount and that is why I prefer points over actual dollar value. I have tons of points stocked up and ready!


MasterD9192080d ago

Waiting until they go on sale is a good way to shop- I agree.

MS offers you the same options (through your console) Amazon now does so it's actually pretty nice of Amazon to sell more variations like this.

Some people don't like buying more than they need at one time. I personally know I'll use all of my points eventually anyways.

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jaymart2k2080d ago

Nice, now I can use those $10 credits from game purchases to use on 800 Point Codes. Before I had to spend a additional $10 to buy the 1,600 Point Codes.

TheRichterBelmont2080d ago

Only took them how many years...