Lego Master Chief by Nathan Sawaya

The above video features the greatest Lego Master Chief I have ever seen. Natahan Sawaya definitely deserves some serious cred for creating this masterpiece. I find it interesting that Nathan Sawaya was a lawyer who turned into a professional Lego artist. He says that he wants to take Lego to places it has never been before and he's certainly doing just that.

Here's what he had to say about the piece:

I get a lot of requests to create different things out of bricks, but easily the most-requested video game character has been Master Chief from the Halo series. Well, here it is video game fans: a bust of Master Chief in all his LEGO glory. I guess building him out of rectangular blocks is a lot like the pixelated version, except I think the resolution is better on the Xbox 360 than in real life.

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