The best video game of this generation? Netflix

CCU: Would be my response if someone asked me.

It Must be…well not really

Of course Netflix can’t be the best video game this generation (or any generation for that matter)because it’s not a video game, however the energy, attention and time given to Netflix — by gamers, is competing with — and in a lot of cases surpassing our top video games.

Netflix was first introduced to the Xbox 360 in the Fall of 2008 and on the PS3 a year later (2009) with hopes of the movie distribution juggernaut adding to the complete entertainment experience both Microsoft and Sony are aiming for. But did it backfire?

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WeskerChildReborned2197d ago

Just chose not too, i bought the consoles to really game only.

MySwordIsHeavenly2197d ago

Netflix is on PC, Android, iOS, televisions, and blu-ray players, too.

I watch it on my phone during my break at work.

LNDCalling2197d ago

I see both sides as a games console 'in the old fashioned sense at least' was just about gaming, that was the intention.

That said Netflix isn't actually too bad and I watch it on PS3 (mostly), Tablet (in bed at night) and Phone (at work)..

TheColbertinator2197d ago

I prefer Hulu Plus but its a shame seeing so many gamers on Live and PSN watching more movies than play games.

MySwordIsHeavenly2197d ago

Movies are convenient though. While there are plenty of games to play on both the 360 and the PS3, Netflix is something that you can run at all times, without having to worry about it. I play Minecraft on my phone and watch South Park on my PS3 via Netflix almost every night. :)

Another thing is company. When you have a large group of people over...or just a large probably watch a lot of movies/tv shows together.

I don't consider it a shame. I just think it's one more awesome thing this generation has brought us.

Enate2197d ago

To add to what you said I know a lot of friends that have wifes/girlfriends and kids. That don't per say qualify as gamers that watch Netflix on the PS3 all the time. So to just flat out say its gamers is a stretch, kind of like counting Facebook game players as an increase in pc gaming growth and rev.

LOGICWINS2197d ago

^^Hmmm...I'd say ur beginning to sound a tad elitist there. Whats "wrong" with labeling Facebook game players as PC gamers? Is it illegal? Is it a crime? Technically, its true. You play games on your PC...your a PC gamer. I don't understand why people take the label of a "gamer" so seriously. When did simply wanting to have fun playing a video game stop being enough?

vickers5002197d ago

"Whats "wrong" with labeling Facebook game players as PC gamers?"

Because it brings up a lot of confusion and disappointment and wastes time.

Say for instance you meet someone who claims to be a gamer. Right there, it is assumed that that person shares your interests and you get excited for a bit, thinking that you may be able to discuss and/or play games with them. But then you find out that they don't even own a single console or a PC that's capable of even running something like WoW.

It's misleading and frustrating, because the commonly accepted social definition of "gamer" or "hardcore gamer" is one who is serious about playing a great variety of games and spending more time on it as a hobby than those who simply "play games".

It's like referring to yourself as a film enthusiast, except you only watch Tyler Perry movies. Yes, you technically are enthusiastic about SOME films, but it's kind of a lie. There simply isn't enough clear definitions on the subject.

People use the terms "gamer" and "hardcore gamer" to be clear and avoid confusion. People who only play mobile or facebook games are simply referred to as casual gamers, or "people who play games".

The fact is, not all gamers are equal or are the same. You can't equate someone who spends 200+ hours on Skyrim to someone who spends 30 minutes on angry birds.

Both parties have a certain degree of game experience, and since those degrees aren't really listed in the dictionary, we just use our own definitions.

Actually, a better example than my "film enthusiast" would be "alcoholic". You can drink a few beers in your life, but does that make you an alcoholic? Of course not. You are simply referred to as someone "who occasionally drinks".

The difference between the term alcoholic and "gamer" or "hardcore gamer", is that there's actually a definition for a seasoned drinker, while there isn't one for a seasoned gamer.

Thus, we who play a lot of video games frequently, have created our own definition to clear up the confusion.

LOGICWINS2197d ago

So Hitler, why is it a shame exactly? If I buy a gaming console, I MUST use it primarily for gaming? I use my PS3 for Netflix, movies, music, and tv shows more than anything else...and I don't see a problem with it at all. I bought I think I should do whatever I want with it.

Moby-Royale2197d ago

The offense you have apparently taken is illogical.

Hicken2197d ago

It's a shame because last generation, or even earlier in THIS one, gamers would have cared more about GAMING. Sure, the other stuff is nice, but their game consoles would see the most use for what they were made for: GAMING.

But along with the increased Netflix usage, shelling out for overpriced and stupid DLC is now a favorite pastime. Online passes, always-on DRM, and on-disc DLC is all okay. Yearly rehashes and frequently buggy releases are alright.

At some point this generation, gamers stopped being gamers; gaming on your dedicated console has taken a backseat to watching movies.

Wouldn't you say that's a shame?

LOGICWINS2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )


What does increased Netflix usage have to do with overpriced DLC, online passes, and yearly rehashes? What was the point of even mentioning these things?

"At some point this generation, gamers stopped being gamers"

LOL, your WAAAY of the mark. Gamers are still gamers. Newsflash Mr.BlackandWhite, gamers don't ONLY have to be gamers. They can also be movie enthusiasts, music lovers, comic aficionados etc. A human being has the ability to enjoy different forms of media entertainment equally. Do I really need to explain something so basic to you?

I'm flabbergasted that people like you actually exist in this world. This is media entertainment, not a sex change or switching religions lol. It really isn't that serious. Entertainment is entertainment...why limit myself to one form?

vickers5002197d ago

For once, I'll have to agree with LOGICWINS.

Seriously though, what's wrong with using Netflix on a console? As LWs pointed out, it's not simply a decision of being a gamer vs being a movie/tv enthusiast.

I LOVE television shows (the good ones, not reality crap) and I also love games, movies are okay. Having one machine that serves all my favorite entertainment up to me seamlessly and effortlessly is an incredibly awesome experience. Using Netflix on your ps3 doesn't make you less of a gamer, only a brainless moron would believe such drivel.

Gaming for me and many others certainly haven't taken a backseat to Netflix/Hulu. I game about 5 hours a day, and when I'm done, I switch over to Netflix and sit back and relax while watching a great tv show.

We no longer live in an industry where our consoles are "just" for gaming. They are SO much more than that and much better than they used to be. My guess is that you're angry because you are one of those weirdos whose only hobby or enjoyment from entertainment comes solely from gaming, and you're mad at the idea that you might have actually had to spend extra money on a console you only wanted for gaming.

Gaming isn't above tv, nor is tv above gaming. They are both equal forms of entertainment, and both should be welcomed on consoles. When I want to laugh or experience an amazing story, I watch TV shows such as Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc. (too many to list here). When I want to delve into a world and interact with nothing I have ever seen or will ever to be able to see in real life and be immersed in that world, I play video games (there are very few games that actually have good stories, and none that match up to some of the amazing stories I've witnessed in tv shows).

Both are great though, and neither is above the other, and both are welcome and can co-exist together.

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Psychonaughty2197d ago

I subbed when it came to the UK, it was rubbish, I even checked out the US and Canadian versions, they were rubbish too. Massively disappointed in a such an overhyped service.

Rumplebumpkin2197d ago

I agree. They have a fairly good collection of TV programmes on the UK Netflix (even though they're missing certain seasons of the shows, eg. South Park Seasons 1-9)

The movie content on there is pretty average though. There are a few good movies but there's barely any recent releases and they seem to have more obscure than well known movies on there.

I had my free trial recently and just cancelled it, i'm not going to pay £6 a month when i'll run out of stuff to watch within 1-2 months.

InTheLab2196d ago

It was awesome back when they had studio support and offered blu rays and instant for one low price. Then they screwed that up and they won't be around for much longer..