The Last Story North American Release Date Announced

IGN: "Almost a year and a half after its release in Japan, and six months after its European debut, North American Wii owners will finally get their chance to play Mistwalker's The Last Story at the tail end of this summer. XSeed has confirmed to IGN it intends to release the game on August 14, 2012."

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Xof2075d ago

Didn't it originally have a release in early July (or late June) that was delayed?

jc485732075d ago

they said Xseed never made the official announcement, which is true. Amazon and Gamestop just went out and put out a date so that they can take in preorders.

Sigh2075d ago

it's about GOD DAMN TIME!!!

ScubaSteve12075d ago

yay i got enough time to save up enough money, stupid braces, and college payments

Qrphe2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )


Hopefully it's a proper localization, unlike Xenoblade.

karlowma2075d ago

What's wrong with Xenoblade Chronicles? It was pretty much perfect, imho. I played the EU version; not sure if there were issues with the NA release.

--Onilink--2075d ago

They are the same, they kept the eu voices, which is perfectly fine by me. The voice acting was pretty good and you also have the option to leave it in japanese

As for the last story, i believe they will also use the eu localization

Qrphe2075d ago

My problem with Xenoblade was the voice acting, I didnt like it at all, and if The Last Story's is similar then sad story bro for me.

Japanese dubs are great, guess I shoudlnt complain and be happy with a localization.

DarkSouls2075d ago

Finally, I've been waiting for so long! Nintendo really needs to localize more Japanese titles. I understand that they're afraid of not making a profit but there are ways around that. They could simply make it a digital download only or just send out one shipment to cut manufacturing cost. People here in the US WILL BUY GOOD GAMES!

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