Official Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC Features Revealed

Over on the official site for Battlefield 3, it seems DICE stealthy revealed some new details about the DLC coming later this year. Check out the major key features of the content.

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DasBunker1902d ago

Looking forward to this and jumping back on BF again..

This is what BF is all about.. not that CQC garbage

Ares84HU1902d ago

Actually, CQC is really good in BF3. I enjoy it very much.

The large map sounds good but it's too bad that we can't have more than 24 people on a map at once. People will get lost on that big map. Will feel empty.

SJPFTW1902d ago

^ Go back to Call of Duty and stay away from my Battlefield

chaldo1902d ago Show
Ares84HU1902d ago


I don't like CoD. I love Battlefield. Played every BF game ever since BF1942.

Also, it's not yours. You didn't make the game.

GrumpyVeteran1902d ago

Ares, fail COD noob. Destroying BF3. CQC is shit, deal with it.

Kurt Russell1902d ago

CQC is fine, it's just an added extra... stop boo-hoo'ing and just play conquest/rush if it gets on your wick.

Rent-a-Server... now that's something to compain about! ^^

irepbtown1902d ago

I dont like CQC on BF3 but alot of people do. I dont care what Dice do as long as they cater for everyone.
Someone like myself who loves Rush and Conquest Assault might not have found the last DLC that fun. However Armoured Kill just seems fantastic.

One thing, anyone who plays Battlefield 1943 would know of Air Superiority mode, I hope something similar will be on BF3.


I'm not that into CQC either (it lack the good objective based modes), but I dig the smaller or not so open maps (as Metro, Seine Crossing and Bazaar, as well as CQC maps).

The thing is it feels pretty empty on those huge maps and you have to deal with people destroying vehicle at spawn all the time, it annoyed me so much I started to skip matches at Firestorm and Caspian Border.

If CQC was geared more towards, let's say Rush, with slightly bigger/longer maps, the closed environments make up for some well heated battles, specially with the destruction changing the geometry all the time. But what I would really love to see is something like Socom's Demolition or some Capture the Flag stuff.

At least for me, it's not so much about vehicles or map size... The thing is BF3 needs more diverse objectives. Conquest (all CQ modes, DOM, CQA, etc) and TDM doesn't feel like you are achieving anything, just mindlessly killing stuff 'till the timer countdown expires, so I'm kinda stuck with Rush so far.

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yoyo121211902d ago Show
Cosmit1902d ago

New Tank Superiority game mode

Damn. Clan battle tankers galore!

solidworm1902d ago

Havent played BF3 since GRAW FS came out. Two good games with massive flaws.

hiredhelp1902d ago

Theres always one person.

BALLARD321902d ago

Is he not allowed to have an opinion? Not everyone shares the same views as you.

MiamiACR211902d ago

Popular opinion rules Ballard32. The rest enjoy themselves.

hiredhelp1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Everyone is allowed a opinion just like i replyed with mine.

Bolts1902d ago

There's flaws in BF3??

Soldierone1902d ago

Big map and vehicle emphasis....this is one of the packs I'll be passing up. Calm down its personal opinion, and I play on console so the maps are big enough since our player count is so low.

WeskerChildReborned1902d ago

Yea, 24 players on a huge map ain't that fun.

Man_Among_Mice1902d ago

I agree, wish they would up the player count for the new maps. Oh well guess i'll be passing it up too.

Parasyte1902d ago

Or at least properly scale them down to fit the smaller player count.

irepbtown1902d ago

Well think about it, 24 players on foot on a huge map is pretty ridiculous.

24 players in vehicles on a huge map... well that's completely different. Although I'm sure we'd all prefer more players per game, 32+ or so, I think this will work fine with 24 players considering for example, in Tank superiority mode everyone having a tank.
That's 24 tanks in one map, to me that isn't too bad.

This mode is something I've been very excited about, hopefully Dice wont disappoint.

Hufandpuf1902d ago

Wake island works pretty well on CQA

HammadTheBeast1902d ago

I agree, it all depends on Flag placements. Caspian Border is also pretty good, but Firestorm is lacking in my opinion.

Soldierone1902d ago

Depends on the game. Some games one team sucks so bad that you really feel how big Wake Island is.

Caspian border is the same. Sometimes its fun as hell, other times you wonder why you even have a gun in your hand.....

megacowdung1902d ago

DICE said the PS3 and 360 could have 64 player servers. It's just that consoles have a bandwith cap on them so they can't handle more players. The frostbite 2 destruction takes up most of the bandwith so if we wanted 64 man servers Sony and Microsoft would have to remove the bandwith cap.

Soldierone1902d ago

I heard it was Microsoft that had the limit for Xbox Live? Didn't know Sony's was so low since Killzone and Resistance have massive online numbers.

ThatKanadianKid1902d ago

Mag has 256 players...I remember them saying that the quality of the game on consoles would drop due to higher player counts, but nothing about bandwith.

Vladplaya1902d ago

I actually was planning on getting just this one expansion, but now that punkbuster is fked up for BF3 on my computer, I think I will pass.

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