Papo & Yo to Have "Limited" Demo

"Upcoming PS3 adventure title Papo & Yo is just a little off from release, however it’s been revealed that it’ll only have a limited period in demo for people to pick up and play."


Developer, Minority, have issued another tweet to clarify any miscommunication given from their earlier tweet. Pappa & Yo will receive a timed demo, not a limited one.

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ShadyDevil1866d ago

So going to download the demo, hopefully it is not PSN+ only though.

Thatguy-3101866d ago

Looks like a unique title. Curious to see how it plays out.

belac091866d ago

i hope its available to everyone too. not just psn +

WeskerChildReborned1866d ago

Yea me too even though i'm a PS+ member but i want everyone to experience it too.

yewles11866d ago

Can't talk enough about this game, it's outstanding from what I've seen.

LNDCalling1866d ago

Very interested in this, looks interesting and fun.

Hasn't been talked about much but I kinda like the idea this may become a cult hit.

rezzah1866d ago

I don't like the new look for the Monster, he looks less detailed and unfinished.