RUMOR: EA CEO John Riccitiello to be Removed, Peter Moore to Step In

Game Front has been told by an anonymous source close to the matter that there may be substance to Riccitiello’s worries.

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JBSleek2049d ago

Wow really I wouldn't think EA is doing bad. Peter Moore was the head of EA Sports Gaming division before he became COO. This is going to be interesting.

vallencer2049d ago

Let's remove peter moore, who does a good job, and put in the most pretentious douche of gaming in his place. Seems like a great idea >.> /s

vallencer2047d ago

bahahaha misread this whole article...whoops

darthv722049d ago

if companies who had former high ranking employees that move onto other companies get preferential treatment.

Meaning that PM was once in big with MS and then went to EA but at the time was not in a position of power to influence decisions made regarding game development or exclusivity.

Now if he becomes the CEO he could be more influential in making exclusive deals with his former boss (MS) that could potentially change the release of games to come.

For the good of the company you wold think EA would remain neutral. however, this business is just as cutthroat as any other. It all depends on how well PM was treated while at MS to even entertain such a conspiracy theory.

pompombrum2049d ago

PM probably left MS because of their change in focus to a more family friendly console. He left around about the time they were doing Kinect related stuff.

. I don't know how much influence he had but when he was at Microsoft, they were doing great great things and since he went to EA sports, EA sports have gone from strength to strength. I'd love to see what difference he can make to EA overall.

EVILDEAD3602049d ago

'PM probably left MS because of their change in focus to a more family friendly console. He left around about the time they were doing Kinect related stuff'

LMFAO @ this fankid fantasy story made up out of this air.


pompombrum2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

O here comes the resident 360 fanboy to defend his beloved. I have no facts as to why he left Microsoft but it just so happens that it was around the time I imagine that Microsoft were planning Kinect. It seems like it was a good call that he left them because of their shift in focus away from the core gamer.

nukeitall2049d ago


That's funny because EA Sports is a major supporter of Kinect!

A huge portion of EA is casual gaming to boot!

Sounds to me like EVILDEAD360 is actually correct!!!

JBSleek2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

On 17 July 2007, Electronic Arts announced that Peter Moore would be leaving Microsoft to head the sports division at Electronic Arts Moore reportedly wanted to move back to the San Francisco Bay area to live with his family, which was possible with EA. His position as Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft was filled by Don Mattrick.

Facts they are useful.

EVILDEAD3602049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

'O here comes the resident 360 fanboy to defend his beloved'

Here comes the two week old profile doing what they do best..

LOL..what's there to defend exactly? Some fankid die fantasy world where everything has to do with console bias?

LMAO @ Peter leaving b-b-because Kinet isn't c-c-core...classic fail


NewMonday2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Their was a story that Moor had a hand in pulling the plug on the dreamcast when he worked at Sega, it made room for the original X-box in the market, he later joined MS.

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dcbronco2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Peter Moore was most likely pushed out of MS. At that executive level people don't always get fired like most of us. Peter Moore was most directly responsible for RRoD. His situation was more like Ken Kutaragi's. After a major screw-up they were pushed aside. I doubt Kinect had anything to do with it. It was more like he cost the company close to two billion dollars. And who knows how many sales because of the unreliability issue.

And EA needs new management. After the ME3 screw-up someone needed to go. Forcing that game out early and doing that POS story ending has hurt EA a ton. Not worse company in the world bad, but bad. Not sure Peter Moore is the right guy for the job though considering MS has a rep for micromanaging projects too while Moore was there. Not that that changed once Moore left. It just seems to be their culture. Big business has surely hurt gaming in some ways.

310dodo2049d ago

this guy has helped EA since joining IMO
loved that he came at COD

Bad Company/2 and BF3 are awesome

Dlacy13g2049d ago

I was not a big fan of Riccitiello and some of the changes that happened under his watch... Peter Moore has always been a good spokes person but his leadership track record is a bit spotty. I guess time will tell.

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