God of War: Ascension Exclusive Concept Art Gallery

GameInformer- Over the course of the God of War trilogy, is seems like Kratos killed nearly every god in existence. Our favorite Greek grump might be running out of deities to kill, but he’ll never run out of creatures to battle. Check out some of the early concept art pieces for the foes of God of God of War: Ascension.

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aviator1891986d ago

God of War 3 itself looked like art during gameplay. This is shaping up quite nicely.

cannon88001985d ago

I really hope that the giant statue is a boss. That would easily dwarf Cronos from God of War 3.

b_one1985d ago

he was shown in some gameplay trailer and it does not look like a boss, maybe some bigger enemy, but not a boss, he is cruel...

cannon88001985d ago

oh okay. Who is cruel? Cronos?