Far Cry 3 Wish You Were Here Edition with Exclusive Steelbook

Far Cry 3 Wish You Were Here Edition is an EB exclusive available only in Australia and New Zealand. Following the cover vote, the pre-order bonus steelbook has been added to the list of extras.

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Elderly_Cynic2142d ago

I just hope that if you're lying on your belly in thick bushes, and you kill a guy 50 yards away with a silenced rifle it doesn't immediately alert every enemy in a half-mile radius to your exact location... Learn from the mistakes of Farcry 2, Ubisoft!

solidworm2142d ago

Lol advertising expensive shit for a game that as been put back because it may actually suck...Wake up Ubisoft you greedy money grubbing cunts.

Moby-Royale2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Come on man.... Do you think that language is really necessary? Children use this* site too.

You, very easily, could have conveyed your opinion without the use of expletives.

Ot: I am looking forward to this release. Multiplayer, not so much.

But I will certainly give it a go.

GaryOak2142d ago

ItReallyAnnoyedMeWhenPeopleOnF arCry2TalkedSoFastICould'nt MakeOutWhatTheyWereSaying! IHopeFarCry3Isn'tLikeThat!

VanillaBear2142d ago

Why didn't the other CE get the insane edition

Honestly it should be standard now to release CE with steelbooks.

Apocwhen2142d ago

lol, how many different versions are there of this game at retail now?

banjadude2142d ago

Yeah.. the number of editions available for a single game is getting out of hand (Dead Island, Assassin's Creed 3, etc).

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