Tales producer Hideo Baba on rewarding fan patience

With the latest installment, Tales of Graces f, reaching Europe at the end of August, Namco has put together a special day-one edition for European fans. It will include making-of videos, the original soundtrack, exclusive DLC, and an art book, all for the standard price of the game.

Hideo Baba, producer on the Tales series, says that this is a "thank you" to the European fans that have had to wait longer than any other group.

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Snookies122198d ago

Awww, I want that too... But that's nice of them to do that for sure! Fantastic game by the way, you won't be disappointed in the wait!

izumo_lee2197d ago

Tales of Graces F has one of the best battle systems in a tales game, maybe even JRPGs in general. Yes the story is a little cliche but the characters are very likable & have excellent growth throughout the story. At first i hated Asbel for how he acted but as the game went on he grew on me. Sophie was awesome & she became my fave character, used her as my primary.

So glad that Bamco decided to release it on the PS3 in the west. Thankfully with this games success that they also decided to release Xillia too.

ScubbaSteve2197d ago

I wish consoles and handhelds would just go region free and that companies like this would just release a japanese version with subtitles. That way if you wanted it you could just import it from japan and get around any localization costs outside of subtitle costs.

Lucreto2197d ago

I am surprised some of these Japanese companies haven't turned to Kickstater to help fund a translation of certain titles.

If anything it will give a indication on how many want the game.

CLOUD832197d ago

I prefer Japanese VO over all those extras anyday, until they decide to include the original Japanese VO I wont even bother to buy this game or any "Tales of .." game even if the price is 20$.

GameOn2197d ago

well VO in Vesperia was top notch so U have high hopes.

Skate-AK2197d ago

That is interesting cause I can't stand listen to Japanese VO.

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