Flying Blind: A Plea to Reduce the HUD

"As a boy, getting lost was a virtue. My father and I did it on purpose. When en route to a location free of time constraint, we would purposely turn down a foreign road and, from there, we would navigate by pure interest until we found our route again. I still have this proclivity as an adult. I exit the subway miles from my destination and improvise a route through neighborhoods I’ve never been through. But, if I ever truly lost my way, I have a computer in my pocket that can contact an orbiting satellite and produce a map before I can even determine which way the sun is setting. Getting lost is a hard thing to do nowadays.

In videogames, the crutch of constantly available information is even worse. In reality, I can ignore that I have a handheld GPS device in my pocket, but games force this information on you."

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Elderly_Cynic2202d ago

Personally, I like games that have the otion to turn elements of the HUD on or off, or at the very least change the opacity.

WeskerChildReborned2202d ago

Yes, i would love the option to turn it on/off in the settings cause some games i personally wish didn't have a hud.